Back in 2016, three friends set out to change the health and wellness landscape in Europe. They’d heard about CBD, its benefits, and realised there was no reliable, high-quality, seed-to-sale producer to meet growing demand.

Natural supplements were everywhere, but few were as well renowned as CBD for their wellness-boosting abilities. Our founders seized the moment, settled on their first 25 acres in sunny Bulgaria and well, the rest is history.

DragonflyCBD now boasts a team of expert farmers and experienced researchers. They work together on over 1,000 acres of organically certified soil in Bulgaria, in a state of the art extraction plant and a GMP facility for production.
While societies around the world have used health-boosting Cannabis for centuries, DragonflyCBD operates at the cutting edge of modern science and technology. Our CBD extract is Cannabis rethought and redefined; THC-free, organic and GMP manufactured. As Europe’s leading producer, we have now made it our mission to share the science behind it – how it’s made, how it’s taken, how it works. We liaise with some of Europe’s leading cannabinoid professors and specialists to stay at the forefront of CBD research and education.

Putting years’ worth of research and expertise into every bottle, we are determined to bring you the very best. That’s what makes us the home of naturally healthy science.


While many companies outsource the growth, harvesting and extraction of their CBD to third parties, Dragonfly controls the process from seed to sale. Carefully extracted and rigorously tested in the company lab, our CBD products are formulated from Cannabis cultivated on Dragonfly farms. We never use CBD isolate, meaning all our products retain the powerful, naturally occurring terpenes and waxes present in Cannabis Sativa. To ensure we comply with the industry’s highest standards, we provide full, batch-specific documentation, all of which is corroborated by third-party testing.

Equipped with THC-free, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and organic accreditation, Dragonfly aims to raise the bar for CBD testing in Europe and the UK.


A GMO, or ‘genetically modified organism’, is a plant, animal or organism which has been remodelled in a laboratory using processes of gene editing. At Dragonfly, we are committed to naturally healthy science, growing all our crops straight from the seed (with nothing else added).


We keep our ingredient list simple and gluten-free, only using Cannabis sativa L. extract and organic hemp seed oil in all our products.


At DragonflyCBD, we are dedicated to ethical and sustainable farming, testing and formulation methods. No animals are involved in the production of our CBD extract and we are firmly against any form of animal testing or exploitation.


Before the extraction process even begins, we carefully select and plant Cannabis strains high in CBD and low in THC. Advanced chromatography then reduces THC levels down to non-detectable.


All our Cannabis is sourced from certified organic Dragonfly Biosciences land. To ensure the healthiest crop possible, we only use sustainable, all-natural farming processes and no pesticides.

All DragonflyCBD products are formulated and bottled in our GMP certified laboratories.

Good Manufacturing Practice is a government standard that a manufacturer must meet in their production processes. GMP is the part of quality management system that ensures products are consistently produced, controlled and appropriate for intended use.

In spite of this, the vast majority of other CBD companies do not have GMP facilities.

Here at DragonflyCBD, we understand how important it is to be able to trust the CBD you are buying and using. That’s why our products are independently ratified to:

  • have stringent, multi-level quality checks
  • have accurate concentrations (%/mg) of CBD
  • be manufactured in a clean and hygienic environment, leaving our oils free from contamination
  • have comprehensive records of manufacture to trace the complete history of a batch
  • correspond with verified data that is attributable, accurate, original and legible


At DragonflyCBD, we control the whole process from seed to shelf.

Harvested on our organic land in Bulgaria and then processed in our GMP facility, DragonflyCBD extract is premium, ethically sourced and stringently tested by third-party labs.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. After five months of careful cultivation, our Cannabis Sativa L. plants are fully grown and ready to be harvested
  2. Once harvested, the crop gets taken to our processing facility where we separate the CBD-rich flowers from the leaves, seeds and stems. Our state of the art machinery processes around 25-100kg of plant material per day
  3. Next, we soak the flowers in ethanol to extract a ‘full spectrum’ CBD, which includes other cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes
  4. This crude oil is then further refined using advanced chromatography and fractional distillation techniques
  5. Finally, the CBD extract is formulated with organic hemp seed oil and bottled at our GMP facility, ready for the shelves