Our Commitment to Research

Our Commitment to Research

We believe CBD should always be effective, safe to consume and accessible, hence why we’ve made it our mission to revolutionise the European CBD industry from the grassroots up. While our responsible, sustainable and transparent processes do much to set the benchmark, research is key in powering the industry forward.

At Dragonfly, we put resources back into academic cannabinoid research, liaise with industry experts and support pioneering blockchain data to make exactly that happen.

Our Experts:

Dr Saoirse O’Sullivan

Currently an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham, Saoirse has been researching cannabinoids for the past 15 years. She predominantly focuses on the endocannabinoid system, particularly the role it plays in diabetes and obesity. An expert in the field, she has been named Young Investigator of the Year by the International Cannabinoid Research Society and acted as an expert source for multiple BBC documentaries. She continues to keep DragonflyCBD at the cutting edge of new research findings, helping us to tailor our products accordingly.

Dr Gary Stephens

Gary is a professor and Director of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Reading. He regularly contributes in the British Journal of Pharmacology and is a member of its editorial board. From papers on epilepsy to the central nervous system, Gary has been researching cannabinoids for the past decade, with a particular interest in how they interact with the brain.

Current Projects:

Working closely with Dragonfly and our cultivation methods, The Melabis Project strives to bring cannabis to the forefront of technological innovation. Melabis harnesses big data on our agricultural process to create unique insights into optimum growing environments. The end goal is a legal cannabis consumption ecosystem that promotes knowledge collation, transparency and accessibility. This means that in the future, you’ll be able to identify exactly which plant your DragonflyCBD extract originated from.

Dragonfly Biosciences is a proud member of the EIHA. Founded in 2005, its primary aim is connecting hemp cultivators on the continent and fostering a dialogue on European hemp policy and regulation. The organisation has a rigorous application process and only accepts those cultivators who comply with their exacting standards. By collaborating with other prominent hemp organisations within the Association, Dragonfly continues to work towards a more responsible and sustainable Cannabis industry in Europe.