Our Carbon Neutral Pledge

As the Cannabis Industry fast-establishes itself, its leaders must set the benchmark for environmentally sustainable business. Determined to be at the forefront, Dragonfly does much to minimise its carbon footprint and reduce the damage wrecked by climate change. We have integrated a number of practices into both our company and production processes, including:

  1. Plants Protect the Planet: Unlike many companies and corporations, a major part of our production process is spent on a Cannabis farm. And as any horticultural or environmental expert knows, with 420ha of Cannabis comes significantly reduced levels of CO2 (thanks to its absorption abilities)
  2. A commitment to clean couriering: we do our utmost best, when travelling in and around Europe to deliver all our extract by road, not air. We only resort to airfreight in absolute emergencies, avoiding a hefty carbon footprint in the process
  3. Video over viaduct: when it comes to conferencing and meetings, we do our best to limit travel itself to an absolute minimum. Instead, we opt to make video and audio calls, further reducing our carbon emissions
  4. Reduce, reuse, recycle: all of our packaging – bar the rubber section of the pipette – is completely recyclable. We encourage all DragonflyCBD users to make the most of this feature and give our tinctures a second life. Our London HQ follows careful recycling procedures to bolster this effort

While we believe these initiatives form a good starting point, we want to do more. In fact, we want to become Carbon Neutral. In aid of this, we’re in the process of applying to the Climate Neutral Now Pledge. This prestigious pledge is born from the Paris Agreement – a consensus between all nations to try and keep the global temperature rise under two degrees Celsius during the 21st century. The Agreement relies on the participation of individuals, businesses and institutions alike to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet for future generations.

In order to fulfil the pledge, we are working towards three key elements: 

  1. Measuring and reporting our Greenhouse Gas Emissions, so we know exactly how big our carbon footprint is and how to manage it
  2. Further reducing our emissions through the expansion of our farm – meaning more CO2 absorption – as well as Biomass initiatives, which will see excess crop made into sustainable fuel and building materials
  3. Offsetting any remaining emissions with techniques certified and overseen by the United Nations

While this is an ongoing process, we look forward to updating you with our progress. In the meantime, if you have any more ideas as to how we can save the planet, please get in touch via info@dragonflycbd.com