While there are many different ways to take CBD, we generally recommend the sublingual route (holding CBD oil under the tongue before swallowing) to maximise absorption. Other options include topical application (rubbing oil directly onto the skin) and oral consumption (directly swallowing/infusing the oil into food).

Dosage frequency & amounts are at the user’s discretion, with a maximum daily dose of
200mg. New users are recommended to start on a low dose and build up gradually to a standard dose of 12-15mg. For further information on your dosage, please contact info@dragonflycbd.com

CBD affects everyone differently. Effects can also depend on the strength of the product and how it is administered. As a non-psychoactive compound, CBD does not induce a ‘high’.

DragonflyCBD® is suitable from 18 years.

In the absence of specific clinical data demonstrating safety, CBD should not be used in pregnancy. When pregnant, it is important to always discuss any supplement – whether vitamin, mineral or herb – with your doctor.

No. The “high” that is often associated with Cannabis requires the psychoactive cannabinoid THC to be present. Dragonfly Biosciences carefully selects Cannabis strains that are low in THC and high in CBD and then uses specialist extraction techniques to remove THC content from its DragonflyCBD® oil range.

No. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance and at present is not something that drugs tests scan for.

When formulated into organic hemp seed oil, CBD can taste earthy or even grassy. The taste of DragonflyCBD oil also depends on whether it incorporates narrow-spectrum or broad-spectrum extract. The broad-spectrum (sold in bronze packaging) offers a fuller flavour as it retains terpenes and other plant material. Alternatively, our narrow-spectrum products provide for a lighter alternative and are recommended for new CBD users.

This may depend on the method of consumption, as well as the weight of the person taking it. However, as a general rule, the effects of sublingual administration last for around 3-4 hours. Research into topical application is still in its preliminary stages, but some estimate that effects can last for five hours with this method.

CBD is generally well-tolerated and considered safe, but it may cause adverse reactions in some people. Reported side effects on high dose CBD (typically 1 gram per dose) include a dry mouth, lightheadedness and drowsiness. Lowered blood pressure can also be an issue for those whose blood pressure is already low – either naturally or as a result of medication. If you experience any adverse side effects after taking DragonflyCBD, please consult with your doctor.

There have been no documented overdoses due to CBD consumption. However, DragonflyCBD recommends taking no more than 200mg of CBD per day.


As an entirely natural compound, CBD is ‘extracted’ – not made – from our carefully cultivated Cannabis. Shortly after harvesting, organic flowers are processed in our laboratory using a state-of-the-art extraction process.

The plant material is first soaked in ethanol to remove all cannabinoids. This ethanol-cannabinoid mix is then distilled and evaporated into natural CBD extract using advanced chromatography techniques. Not only does the ethanol help to produce premium CBD oil, it also protects the extract from bacteria and fermentation.

According to a recent World Health Organisation (WHO) report, naturally occurring CBD is well tolerated in humans, and is not associated with any adverse public health effects.

A product is considered THC free by DragonflyCBD if it is confirmed as containing a non-detectable level of THC by a third party laboratory.

All elements of our packaging (aside from the pipette) are recyclable.

Yes, Cannabis Sativa falls under the category of hemp. DragonflyCBD® oil is extracted from Cannabis sativa L. due to its cannabinoid profile – it is typically low in THC.

DragonflyCBD® products are presented as food supplements in the UK.

Production costs for premium CBD extract are unavoidably high. The controlled nature of cannabis production requires the Dragonfly Biosciences facility to be government–licensed and subjected to stringent quality measures. The manufacturing process is carefully monitored throughout; from the selection of specific strains of seed that yield high-quality cannabis to a specialist extraction process that guarantees the consistent quality of DragonflyCBD® products. We also pay all our workers a fair wage.