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Self Care and your CBD Skincare Routine

Self Care and your CBD Skincare Routine

Why CBD and Self Care?

A hugely popular cosmetic ingredient, CBD intersects a series of modern fixations: wellness, health and simmering angst. The last few years has seen CBD become an antidote to twenty-first century excesses, with its unrelenting, fast pace and turbulent socio-economic climate.

So too, has the rise of self-care. A more regimented and individual form of expression when juxtaposed to youthful anxiety of times past – the summer of love or early 90s teen spirit. Yet, in an uncertain world, routine offers balance when chaos rages all around. Consistency brings mindfulness and a rare chance to block out news alerts and instagram notifications.

The calming benefits of endorphin generative activities – jogging or yoga – or taking a warm bath are renowned; however, the positive relationship between self care and your daily skincare routine is less so.

Dragonfly CBD Self Care and your CBD Skincare Routine​ Woman going through her skincare routine
Why is a skincare routine important?

Dermatologists frequently extol the virtues of a daily skincare routine, but often for reasons unrelated to appearance. Gently massaging cream onto your face in the morning softens not just your skin but also your mood. 

A set routine can be a momentary refuge; a short period of time that is effortlessly planned, requiring little – or no – conscious thought. As the routine becomes increasingly habitual, the meditative effect proportionately grows. 

Not everyone begins a skin care regimen for wellness or beauty reasons; yet, the act of looking after your skin is soothing by nature. Sticking to a daily morning skincare routine leaves you looking and – most importantly – feeling your best.

Why CBD Skincare?

CBD’s “multifarious applicability” has become hard to ignore and the cosmetics industry has witnessed a surge in the use of the Cannabis-derived compound. In fact, few other ingredients have created a similar buzz across skincare, wellness and beauty. 

CBD’s popularity is a result of its complex and ranging pharmacological effect, enabling it to be used in so many different products. By acting at a series of different receptors and enzymes throughout the body, CBD can have “various effects” on the body and in skincare form it can be conveniently used topically to target specific areas.

How to Choose the Best CBD Skincare Product

Ultimately, choosing the best CBD skincare product is dependent on your specific needs. Fortunately, Dragonfly CBD caters for all needs with high-quality, cruelty-free skincare solutions for your face, body and lips.

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