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Dragonfly CBD The Best Value CBD Oil, Made Simply

Dragonfly CBD The Best Value CBD Oil

Buying CBD can be a confusing process. 

Consumers are bombarded with a new jargon and terminology every day. It is unsurprising people are unfamiliar with what terpenes are or which extraction method creates the best CBD. This can be hugely overwhelming and confusing. 

Our experience with customers, like you, and big retailers, such as, Boots and Tesco has taught us a few things.

Re-designing CBD Affordably

A core pillar of our mission is to demystify the industry and build trust and legitimacy. With this in mind, we gathered our scientific experts together to design a new range. The parameters were clear, to develop an oil that is simple, affordable and accessible.

What makes Essential Dragonfly CBD Simply Made?

Essential Dragonfly CBD Oil is made simply, stripping back all the frills, to create the UK’s best value CBD Oil. 

To create this range, we used organically cultivated Cannabis Sativa, from our cutting edge extraction facility. Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, the CBD is isolated and crystalised into a powder. All the external plant matter featuring in our other ranges is removed. The pure compound is then formulated with MCT Oil to increase bioavailability and provide a delicious coconutty taste. 

For those looking for a quality, reliable but affordable oil, the Essential range is perfect.

Does a Lower Price mean Lesser Quality?

Often the answer to this question would be yes. 

In fact, in the industry, consumers should be wary of brands touting cheap, simply made CBD Oil. It is likely they have avoided expensive laboratory testing, which could mean their products contain THC. In addition, they may not have the amount of CBD stated on the packaging.

However, Dragonfly CBD makes its products, differently. In 2020, Boots customers voted us the Best CBD Oil in the UK. Unsurprisingly, we’re very proud and honoured to have received this award. We’d like to think this is a testament to the fact we control the entire process from seed to shelf. This begins with outdoor, organically grown Cannabis Sativa and finishes 9 months later with our unique cutting edge extraction methodology.

All products adhere to the same, strict standards and are always THC-free guaranteed. Moreover, you can find third party lab tests on our website.

Like most of the best recipes, the Essential range is made simply but uses the best ingredients possible. Try it now or read some customer reviews of our products.

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