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Dragonfly CBD Organic CBD Oil Why you should buy Organic CBD Oil

Organic CBD Oil | Why you should buy Organic CBD Oil

Organic CBD Oil | Why you should buy Organic CBD Oil

Dragonfly CBD Organic CBD Oil Why you should buy Organic CBD Oil Organic Cannabis Plant

In the UK, shoppers spend over £45m every week on organic food and produce! Organic Food is so popular, it is no longer just the go-to for those conscious of health, the environment or social issues. 

Likewise, shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy about the supplements they take. Natural remedies are on the rise, particularly in 2020, and people are more aware of the provenance of their supplements. For instance, gym goers now buy grass fed whey protein or organic soya or pea protein.

CBD Oil has become one of the most popular health and wellness supplements globally, for a variety of reasons. Yet, many CBD Oil products do not use organic ingredients or cultivate their Cannabis Sativa in the best agricultural conditions possible. At Dragonfly CBD, we believe everyone should strongly consider only taking CBD Oil made in organic conditions.

So, what is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is a natural wellness product made from the Cannabis Sativa plant. A carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil, is formulated with the Cannabis-derived compound, CBD, to create CBD Oil.

CBD – known scientifically as Cannabidiol – is the magic compound found within the Cannabis Plant. It is the most abundant of 100 or more chemicals – cannabinoids – in Cannabis. Most importantly, it is non-psychotropic, unlike THC, so it does not cause a ‘high’ effect.

Currently, CBD is used in medicines, food and beverages, but it is most commonly used in the CBD Oil form.

Dragonfly CBD Organic CBD Oil Why you should buy Organic CBD Oil Values

What does Organic mean? 

Although it is a widely used term, many people struggle to clearly define what Organic or Organic farming means. The UK Soil Association defines organic status across 4 main principles: Health, Ecology, Care and Fairness. 

Organic status is all encompassing. No other defined system of food production or agriculture delivers the same benefits for wildlife, society and the natural environment.

  • Health: Organic Agriculture sustains and enhances the health of the soil, plant, human and finally planet as one ecosystem.
  • Ecology: Organic Farming is rooted in living ecological cycles and systems. Working alongside them in harmony, Organic Farming emulates these natural cycles and helps to sustain them.
  • Care: Organic Agriculture is responsible and carefully managed to sustain the health of current and future generations and the environment.
  • Fairness: Organic Farming encourages relationships built on fairness with respect to the environment, life opportunities and wages.

The small buying decisions made everyday by shoppers add up. By opting for organic, you help to support a way of farming that benefits everyone, not just the few.

Organic is Better for Everyone

Organic places the natural environment at the centre of all its practices. It leads the way in sustainability, enhancing the health of water, air and soil. Actually, if all of Europe followed organic standards, greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming would fall by 50%.

Organic Farmers only use what is to hand in their natural environment. So no artificial fertilisers are used and the soil is healthier, allowing it to store more carbon and protect the planet.

Wildlife thrives in Organic conditions and they provide havens for the local fauna. On average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more common on organic farms.

Did you know: Dragonfly CBD gets its name from the abundance of Dragonflies that reside on our Organic Fields!

Buy Organically Grown CBD Oil or Don’t Bother!

The universal benefits of Organic Farming are multifarious and significant. Yet additionally, CBD has a number of unique properties, which means you need to use an Organic CBD Oil. 

Cannabis Sativa – or hemp – is an environmentally friendly plant. Firstly, it acts as a carbon sink. Hemp absorbs CO2 and places it back into the soil, in a process known as biosequestration. This has enormous environmental benefits in the battle against Climate Change, as hemp captures carbon emissions and stores them back into the soil. Therefore, Organic Farming preserves the carbon emission gains of hemp, keeping it trapped in the soil after a harvest cycle.

Cannabis Sativa also removes toxins from the soil. In fact, after the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster, government authorities planted hemp in the area to aid the clean up process. Moreover, researchers discovered the hemp planted in Chernobyl removed cadmium, lead and nickel from the soil. 

These benefits are extraordinary. Nonetheless, without organic practices in place, these toxins are passed onto the consumer via their CBD Oil. If absorbed by the plant, toxins can contaminate the leaves, which are primarily used to extract CBD. Consequently, you can very easily find yourself with a CBD Oil containing lead and other heavy metals or toxins. 

Organically certified soil is free from contaminants, pesticides and heavy metals, all of which can be harmful to humans. So, it is very important you buy a Organic CBD Oil grown in organically certified soil.

How to tell if your CBD is actually Organic?

Organic fraud is unfortunately quite high. Unfortunately, many brands would like to ride off the benefits of organic without putting the hard work in.

Always check to see if a company has their Organic Certificate available on their website or packaging. If they don’t ask them! Furthermore, any legitimate organic producer should proudly share their Organic certification with their customers.

You can find Dragonfly CBD’s Organic Certificate on our website.

Where can you buy Organic CBD Oil?

The award winning Dragonfly CBD Oil is organically cultivated and its fields are certified to both Organic and Global GAP status. GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) status may be less well known as Organic, but it is one of the highest agricultural standards available in Europe.

Dragonfly CBD is available to buy in some of the UK’s best known retailers: Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and a range of pharmacies. Most importantly, you can find your local Dragonfly CBD store here or check out the full range of CBD products, with next day delivery available.

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