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Natural CBD | Why CBD is so Sustainable

Natural CBD - why is Cannabis such a sustainable crop?

In the last few years, a rising tide of climate consciousness has swept over the world. Both the political and public has shifted in the right direction and movements like Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg have helped raise the public’s concern over the climate crisis to historic levels. As a result, people are now hungry to know that day-to-day products do not negatively impact the environment.

Nature’s Star Player

Cannabis Sativa L. is not just a great plant cultivated for its medicinal properties; it has been used to produce textiles for millennia. This began in ancient China, where the fibres of the Cannabis plant were weaved into rope and clothing, a tradition which continues to the present day. Hemp composites are also used in many modern-day products, notably the door panels of BMW’s new electric cars.

Did you know that the Cannabis plant is also one of nature’s best absorbers of CO2? It sucks in 22 tonnes of CO2 per hectare of the crop, acting as a CO2 hoover as it grows at a phenomenal rate of four meters every 100 days!

When biomass from the Cannabis plant is converted into raw materials for the manufacturing industry, it locks the CO2 into its fibres, storing it there for long periods.

It is characteristics like these that help make cannabidiol one of the planet’s best friends and a great natural health product.

What We’re Doing For the Environment

From the get-go, Dragonfly has always been committed to producing the finest organic CBD. We nurture our plants from seed on the Dragonfly Farm in Bulgaria using organically certified soil and only ever in organic fertiliser. Our third-party  lab reports show that our soil is completely free from unnatural or harmful chemicals, including heavy metals, ensuring nothing nasty ends up in our Dragonfly CBD range.

Once our Cannabis plants start growing, our 650 hectares of the crop will absorb around 14,300 tonnes of CO2 per year!

After we’ve harvested our plants and put them through our Dragonfly  extraction process, we package our cannabidiol in almost entirely recyclable materials (our rubber pipettes aside) and start them on their journey to you.

Dragonfly CBD’s Sustainability Pledge

While we are doing a lot, we know we can do more. For example, we are currently looking to make all our packaging 100% recyclable in the next year. We are also researching the best ways to use our crop biomass waste.

Dragonfly is committed to helping repair the environment and doing our part to clean it up for future generations.

Discover our CBD Oil range today

Dragonfly CBD is an award-winning UK-based cannabidiol company that nurtures its products from seed to shelf. You can buy Dragonfly CBD online or in leading pharmacies or high-street retailers like Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Amazon.

Feel free to contact us for more expert advice.

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