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Natural CBD | Why CBD is so Sustainable

Why is Cannabis such a sustainable crop?

Rising Climate Consciousness

In the last few years, a rising tide of climate consciousness has swept over the world. It seems both the political and public will finally shift in the right direction. Movements like Extinction Rebellion have helped raise the public’s concern over the climate crisis to historically high levels. People should be reassured that the day-to-day products they buy, do not negatively impact the environment. That’s why at Dragonfly CBD, we pioneer naturally grown, sustainable CBD.

Extinction Rebellion protest

At Dragonfly CBD, we listen to you, our customers. As we collectively stare down the barrel of a global climate crisis, we know that you no longer tolerate businesses ignoring these issues. As such, we’re determined to lead the way on sustainability in the CBD industry. You deserve to be confident that your CBD isn’t guilty of damaging our collective future.

Nature’s Star Player


Luckily, we’ve got some help on our side. Cannabis Sativa L. isn’t just an amazing plant thanks to its CBD content. For centuries now, the Cannabis plant has been used in a variety of manufacturing contexts. Beginning in ancient China, where the fibres of the Cannabis plant were weaved into rope and clothing. Recently now, in BMW plants, where hemp composites are used in their new electric car. 


The Cannabis plant is also one of nature’s best absorbers of CO2, sucking in 22 tonnes of CO2 per hectare of crop. All while growing at a rate of 4 meters every 100 days! When biomass from the Cannabis plant is converted into raw materials for the manufacturing industry, it locks the CO2 into its fibres, storing it there for long periods of time. When we consider these factors in combination, we can see that Cannabis sativa L. is an efficient carbon capturing tool. So, it’s characteristics like these that help make CBD such a natural health product.

Sustainably farmed Cannabis Sativa L. crops

What We’re Doing

Sustainability is no longer a ‘choice’ for business’. It’s an imperative. If we’re not taking care of the planet, our shared home, while we make your Dragonfly CBD, then you’re not getting the natural CBD you deserve. 


Firstly, we begin with our earth, which is certified organic. Secondly, lab reports show our soil to be completely free from any unnatural or harmful chemicals, including any heavy metals. Our Cannabis sativa L. plants are then grown and cared for without the use of pesticides or herbicides, making sure nothing nasty ends up in your Dragonfly CBD Oil. 


Once our Cannabis plants start growing, our 650 hectares of crop will be absorbing around 14,300 tonnes of CO2 per year! 

After we’ve harvested our plants and put them through our expert extraction process. Finally, we package our CBD in almost entirely recyclable materials (our rubber pipettes aside!) and start them on their journey to you.

Dragonfly CBD’s Sustainability Pledge

While we’re doing a lot, we know we can do more. We’re currently looking for ways to make our packaging 100% recyclable. Additionally, we are also carrying out research on the best ways to use our biomass waste. In the future, we hope that we’ll be able to produce low-cost building materials and carbon-neutral fuel alternatives from our biomass waste. 


Your voice matters. Collectively, you’re calling for change and we’re committed to helping bring about that change. We pledge to you that we will do our utmost to run a business that sustains our planet, keeping it healthy for future generations.

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