How To Choose a CBD Product

The Paradox of Choice

The booming CBD landscape can be confusing at times. Oils, creams, tinctures, sprays, gummies, energy drinks. Too much choice can be a bad thing. So, like any great restaurant, we like to keep the menu simple.

Read on for a straightforward guide to the Dragonfly CBD range, designed to help you understand exactly what’s on offer, how to read our bottles, and choose the best CBD product for you.

Broad vs. Narrow?

Dragonfly CBD’s two classic ranges, Broad Spectrum and Narrow Spectrum, have a few key differences. Primarily, the amount of naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant differs in each formula:

The Narrow Spectrum’s super distillation process filters many of the other cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes found alongside CBD.

The super distillation process of the best-selling Narrow Spectrum oil ensures high-quality CBD and a smooth consistency, making it ideal for new users and experts alike. Shop here →

Product image of our Dragonfly CBD Broad Spectrum 450mg

In contrast, the Broad Spectrum undergoes a double distillation process, retaining many of these compounds.

The Broad Spectrum range harnesses an entourage of flavonoids and terpenes with a rich depth flavour, perfect for a frequent CBD user. Shop here →

The Vitamin D Range

Dragonfly CBD’s new range – Vitamin D CBD Oil – is expertly formulated to support your immune system.

One of the most innovative oils on the market, Vitamin D Dragonfly CBD Oil combines super-distilled, organically grown CBD oil with 500 micrograms of Vitamin D. Proven to help you maintain your muscle, bone and immune function.

Perfect for those in need of an extra boost, helping you follow the NHS’s advice to supplement Vitamin D daily. Shop here →

Which Product Is For You?

Choosing a Dragonfly CBD product that’s right for you will depend on what you’re after. Luckily, there are only few things to consider in your choice: strength, price and taste.

Narrow-Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil 1000mg (3.7% CBD) 30ml

One of our lightest products, the Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil 1000mg 30ml is a great entry point for those new to CBD. At 3.7%, each serving is relatively low in strength, allowing CBD newcomers to ease their way with a best selling CBD oil. We recommend enjoying the smooth taste and consistency with a 7 drop serving before varying as required. Shop here →

Narrow-Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil 3000mg (11.1% CBD) 30ml

At the other end of the Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD range, is the highest strength CBD Oil. Smooth, yet powerful, the Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil 3000mg 30ml is not just one of the strongest CBD Oils in the UK, but also one the best value, giving you more CBD per penny. With a concentration of 11.1%, an initial 3 drop serving is recommended before increasing your intake. Shop here →

Product image of our Dragonfly CBD Broad Spectrum 450mg
Broad-Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil 450mg (5% CBD) 10ml

This product is an easy way into the fuller, more complex Broad Spectrum range. A range of additional compounds in Broad Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil offers it an herbal, earthy flavour profile. The 450mg bottle packs a hearty CBD punch at a 5% concentration, with every drop. Why not start with a 6 drop serving before varying your serving size where necessary. Shop here →

How to Read Our Labels

We know that labels can be intimidating, especially if you’re unsure about how much CBD you want to take. The key number to look at on our Dragonfly CBD labels is the concentration number in the bottom left-hand corner. Simply understood, this is an indication of the strength of our CBD oil. The higher the percentage, the more CBD you’re getting per serving. 

The big number in the middle of our bottles is simply the total number of milligrams of CBD in the whole bottle, while the number in the bottom right hand side is the amount of oil in the bottle. When these numbers are taken together, it explains the concentration of the CBD oil.

So if you’re buying one of our 10ml bottles, the higher the mg per bottle, the higher the concentration number will be.

A Matter of Taste

By arming you with the right information, we hope you can choose the right CBD oil for you!

Why not begin your CBD journey or find out how people have been getting on with CBD.

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