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How To Choose a CBD Product

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The Paradox of Choice

The booming CBD landscape can be confusing at times. Oils, creams, tinctures, sprays, gummies, energy drinks. Too much choice can be a bad thing. So, like any great restaurant, we like to keep the menu simple.

Read on for a straightforward guide to the Dragonfly CBD range, designed to help you understand exactly what’s on offer, how to read our bottles, and choose the best CBD product for you.

Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil 300mg Pipette

For CBD Beginners

If you’re new to CBD, you may be a tad overwhelmed by all the different choices and new terminology.  If you’re looking for an introduction to CBD, our Narrow Spectrum CBD Oil is the best for you! “Narrow Spectrum” means CBD in a filtered form, with a reduced amount of other natural compounds. This means you can see the benefits of CBD on its own! We use advanced extraction methods to super-distil our Narrow Spectrum for a lighter, smoother flavour- perfect for those that have not tried its unique taste. If you’ve never tried CBD before, we recommend starting with a 300mg or 500mg strength! 

Broad Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil 470mg Pipette

For CBD Experts

For those that have tried CBD before or are looking for a stronger punch of cannabinoids, we’ve designed our Broad Spectrum CBD. Packed with an entourage of rich, flavourful terpenes and flavonoids to make it a closer reflection of the plant. Many believe that this proximity makes for a more powerful CBD Oil, due to the “entourage effect”. Naturally complex and always THC-Free, due to our advanced double-distillation process.  Shop here →

Dragonfly CBD Vitamin D Oil 500mg

For an all-around wellness boost

If you’re looking for a comprehensive health boost, look no further than our Vitamin D CBD Oil. Specially formulated to protect your immune system, as well as your muscle and bone function. This CBD is perfect for those that want to keep their system in tip-top shape, or anyone that struggles to get their daily dose (such as if you don’t get much sunlight!). Packed with 500 micrograms of Vitamin D on top of 500mg of organically grown CBD, to help you meet the NHS guidelines to supplement it every day. Shop here →

Flavoured Dragonfly CBD Oil 500mg Group

For those that aren't fans of the taste...

As CBD has a unique natural taste, it comes as no surprise that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So you don’t miss out on all the benefits it has to offer, we’ve formulated our Flavoured Dragonfly CBD Oil to give you as many options as possible. Choose from the taste of a juicy Orange, some fresh Peppermint, sugary and spicy Cinnamon or the warm aromatics of Anise. There’s something for every palate! Our Flavoured Oils are also perfect for those looking to experiment in the kitchen- adding an extra layer of flavour to any meal or drink. Shop here →

Dragonfly CBD Narrow Spectrum Oil 30ml 3000mg

For those looking for the highest strengths...

Our larger 30ml Narrow Spectrum Oils are perfect for experienced users looking to increase their dosage, as well as those that make sure they’ve always got CBD stocked in their cupboards. These bigger bottles aren’t just the strongest in the UK- but also the best value. Giving you more CBD per penny, with up to 3000mg of our award-winning super-distilled Cannabis Sativa L. extract. Shop here →

How to Read Our Labels

We know that labels can be intimidating, especially if you’re unsure about how much CBD to take.

CBD Concentration

The key number to look at on Dragonfly CBD labels is the concentration number in the bottom left-hand corner. This is simply the strength of our CBD oil. The higher the percentage, the more CBD you’re getting per serving. 

Milligrams of CBD 

The big number in the middle is the total number of milligrams of CBD in the bottle.

Millilitres of Oil

The number of millilitres in the bottom right-hand side is the amount of oil in the bottle. The numbers of total CBD and oil make up the concentration of the oil.

A Matter of Taste

By arming you with the right information, we hope you can choose the right CBD oil for you!

Why not begin your CBD journey or find out how people have been getting on with CBD.

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