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CBD Recipes

We’ve put together all of our best CBD recipes in one place for those looking to experiment with CBD as an ingredient. An added wellness boost to any meal, snack or drink for some extra self-care. Cooking with CBD is an easy way to fit in your dose, perfect for those that aren’t familiar with the taste!

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Can you heat CBD?

You shouldn’t directly heat CBD Oil, as heating it too high decreases the oil’s effectiveness. It can also make it bitter, which can be quite undesirable. This is why it can be better to add a few drops of CBD in the final stages of cooking, to avoid the issues associated with exposure.

What’s the best way to cook with CBD?

CBD works best in recipes with some kind of fat in them, as this improves absorption rates. This is as CBD is an oil-based molecule, which means it is usually not water-soluble.

A 2019 study found that eating a high-fat meal before taking CBD increased absorption by 14 times!

How can you make CBD drinks?

Prepping a fancy pre-dinner cocktail? Try adding a few drops of CBD Oil into your drink.

However, be careful. CBD is an oil-based molecule this will typically stay at the top of the drink and you could waste some oil. You may find some of the CBD sticks to your mug or glass.

To make sure no CBD is wasted, emulsify it with egg white or aquafaba!

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