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The Best CBD Products to Use Before Bed

The Best CBD Products to Use Before Bed

In a lockdown world, in which over 60% of people are struggling to sleep, it’s important to choose the right CBD product for your evening routine. At Dragonfly CBD, we are routinely asked by our customers, which CBD products are best to use at night time.

So, we’ve created a shortlist of our favourite products to use before bed. This includes our serving recommendations and time to take the CBD Oil.

Choosing the Best CBD Product for the Evening

Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil (11.1%) 1000mg 10ml

A Dragonfly CBD classic.

The Narrow Spectrum Dragonfly CBD Oil range is both a bestseller and an award winner. Voted by Boots Customers as its favourite CBD Oil, it has substantial pedigree.

Coming in at a strength of 11.1%, this oil packs 1000mg of CBD into a 10ml tincture. It is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing evening before going to sleep.

For the best results, take it just after you’ve finished your evening meal. Later on, we’ll explain the science underpinning this.

Recommended Serving Size: 4 drops

Price: £49.50

Vitamin D Dragonfly CBD Oil (5.6%) 500mg 10ml

Last year, the NHS started recommending that everyone considers taking 10 micrograms of Vitamin D to keep your bones and muscles healthy all year round. However, this is particularly true in the long winter months, with little sunlight.

So we’ve created a special CBD Oil designed to support the normal function of the immune system and keep your bones and muscles healthy. The Vitamin D CBD Oil gives you everything your night time routine needs and a bit more!

Recommended Serving Size: 5 drops

Price: £29.50

CBD Hydrating Daily Face Cream 300mg 75ml

For many, a soothing night time cream is a core part of an evening routine. Ensuring your skin is left feeling nourished and soft is the perfect way to guarantee a great night’s sleep. The Hydrating Dragonfly CBD Face Cream does just that and more!

CBD is a magic ingredient when placed onto your skin. The European Commission recently recognised its potential as a powerful antioxidant. CBD also helps to balance the oils in your skin, with its anti sebum properties. By helping to condition and protect your skin, you can go to bed feeling relaxed, smooth and soft.

Finally, habitual bedtime routines have been shown to be good mental preparation for sleep. Switch off your phone and spend a few minutes of self care looking after yourself. We find for the best results, apply our Face Cream roughly 30 minutes before you go to bed. This calming process will help your mind destress, giving you the best chance of nodding off as soon as you hit the pillow. You will also wake up feeling fresher, with your skin more moisturised.

Recommended Serving Size: A small amount into the palm of your hand

Price: £40.00

Mint Flavoured Dragonfly CBD Oil (5.6%) 500mg 10ml

Why not substitute your After Eight mint for a couple of drops of Mint Flavoured Dragonfly CBD Oil? Actually, After Eights are delicious. Best to have them in conjunction with each other.

Our minty CBD Oil is perfect for any night time routine. Refreshing your palate after your evening meal, which also gives the best results, as you will find out below.

Alternatively, you could take this CBD Oil just after you have brushed your teeth. 

Recommended Serving Size: 5 drops

Price: £29.50

When to take CBD for Your Night Time Routine

Many people ask us when they should take CBD Oil. Particularly our customers are interested in knowing when to take CBD as part of an evening routine, before bed.

Last year, our resident Scientific Advisor and all round Cannabinoid expert, Prof. Saoirse O’Sullivan directed us to this study. Participants ate a meal high in healthy fats (50% of the calories came from fats). Shortly after, they received an oral dose of CBD.

Within 15 minutes, scientists detected CBD in plasma samples in all test subject cohorts. Most interestingly, CBD levels surged 2 – 4 hours after consuming the CBD, at levels higher than normal. This is because CBD loves fat, helping it to absorb much faster and at higher levels.

Consider what time you go to bed, but also what time you typically eat relative to trying to go to sleep. It is recommended that you leave several hours to allow your food to digest anyway.

The only exception is when using either our Face Cream or Body Moisturiser. Our cream ranges are best applied 30 minutes before you head to bed.

General Considerations for a Good Night's Sleep

Poor sleep is becoming a modern preoccupation. Increases in artificial light, computer, mobiles and now a permanent working from home situation has resulted in a sleep crisis.

A study by KCL revealed that over 60% of people struggle to get to sleep at night. Often the issues don’t end there. Restlessness often leads to waking up late, feeling groggy rather than refreshed and revitalised.

Nonetheless, there are many simple habits you can introduce into your daily routine to improve your sleep. Regular exercise, a reduction in caffeine intake and limiting use of your mobile before bed can all help.

To find out more about positive sleep habits, read our sleep guide or visit our CBD and Sleep Resource Centre.

The Award Winning Dragonfly CBD, creates all of its CBD products from seed to shelf. You can buy Dragonfly CBD online or in a range of UK retailers like Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Amazon.

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