CBD and Sleep

To help you get a better night’s rest, we’ve put together guides and information on both CBD and Sleep. As part of our mission to educate consumers on all things CBD, we’ve answered all of your most important questions. Covering everything from our very own tips for sleep, dosage recommendation and the best time to take CBD Oil before bed.

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Shot of a concerned looking young woman suffering with insomnia sitting on a bed with her husband sleeping in the background

Why can’t I sleep? Dealing with Insomnia

Insomnia is a disorder where you have problems with sleep. This may include troubles falling asleep, staying asleep or both. As sleep is a good indicator of overall health, there’s no surprise that Insomnia is caused by many different things.

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Sleep and CBD

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How much CBD Oil should you take in the evening?

One of the questions we get most often is people asking us how much CBD they should take. However, there isn’t always a straightforward answer to this.

You should take the minimum recommended CBD Oil dosage on the packaging for a week. Typically, this ranges between 15-20mg of CBD per day. Then gradually adjust this – either increasing or scaling back – to suit your needs.

Should you take CBD just before bed?

A 2020 study found that CBD levels in blood plasma samples peaked between 2 to 4 hours after dosing when participants had eaten a meal that is high in fats.

This is the best time in the evening to take CBD, just as your CBD levels are peaking. As absorption is affected by food, you should also consider when you eat.

Tips for combating Insomnia and Poor Sleep

Try to stay away from screens at least 30 minutes before you go to bed, as blue light signals to your brain that it’s daytime. Cut down on caffeine and substitute it for herbal tea.

Making your bedroom the comfiest space possible and aiming for the same bedtime each day also helps to improve your sleep.