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Anxiety: Dragonfly CBD Wellness Series

Anxiety: Dragonfly CBD Wellness Series

In the current climate, wellbeing and health are more important than ever. As a result, we have assembled our best tips for dealing with anxiety with Dragonfly CBD’s network of expert GP’s, pharmacists and scientists to gather some facts, tips and recommendations on this essential area of wellbeing.

Everyone has anxiety from time to time, even us at Dragonfly CBD. Whether you’re anxious about your relationships, your health, your job, or whatever it may be, everyone’s familiar with that uncomfortable knot that ties in your stomach, the invasive worries that creep into your thoughts.

Indeed, for many, anxiety is more than just an occasional worry. Anxiety disorders can profoundly affect the lives of those who suffer from them, with anxiety affecting their ability to live life in the way that they choose.

Society’s current situation is more than a little anxiety-inducing. We’re experiencing the biggest disruption to civil life since the Second World War and it’s raising all sorts of extremely challenging problems. The vast majority of us are stuck at home with a lot of time and not much space in which to sit with our thoughts and worries, while those in essential, front line jobs face the prospect of catching the virus every time they go to work.

So at Dragonfly CBD, we thought we’d offer a few tips and tricks that can help you cope with any anxiety you might be having during this crisis. It’s by no means a cure-all, but we hope they might help in some small way.

Keep Connected

You’ve likely heard this a lot, but that’s undoubtedly because it’s so important. We’re all facing time away from our friends and loved ones, as well as potentially long periods without any face to face social contact.

So it’s important to keep in contact with family, friends and work colleagues. Whether it’s giving them a call, chatting on messenger services or arranging web calls so you feel connected, keeping up regular contact with the important people in your life will help to battle any niggling worries and anxieties that might be creeping into your lockdown routine.

Woman sitting on a sofa, looking anxious to somewhere off-camera.
Switch Off The News

Staying informed is important. But it is also important to know when enough is enough. Constant reports of grim stories from around the world are not going to help you feel calm through this crisis.

Of course, listen to government advice and stay abreast of the latest developments, but refreshing the BBC homepage every 10 minutes to check on the number of new cases is only going to provoke a greater sense of panic.

Instead, try designating certain times when you will catch up on the news, such as once in the morning and once in the evening. When you have the urge to check your TV or phone, try and divert your attention into something else, such as a hobby, new project or exercise.

Most Important: Be Kind To Yourself

Don’t be harsh on yourself if you aren’t managing to get all your activities and tasks done or you feel like you’ve been ‘unproductive’ with your day. If one thing is true of this crisis, it has thrown into sharp relief some of the values by which we judge ourselves. Now is not the time to get hung up on lost productivity or achievements.

Being kind to yourself and allowing yourself to process the emotions that have been stirred up by everything that is happening in society will help you move through difficult emotions and anxieties instead of storing them up for later.

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