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Buy CBD Oil | Where can I buy CBD Oil in London?

Buy CBD Oil | Where can I buy CBD Oil in London?

Dragonfly CBD Where can i Buy CBD in London Cover

Over the last five years, millions have bought CBD Oil, making it a global wellness phenomenon. In the United Kingdom alone, estimates suggest consumers have been spending upwards of £300m every year. 

London is internationally renowned for its chic, trendsetting abilities. So it comes as little surprise to find the UK’s capital has embraced CBD with open arms. With flagship stores like Harrods’ stocking the highest quality CBD Oils available, it isn’t hard to buy CBD in London.


What is CBD Oil?

An entirely natural chemical, CBD – or Cannabidiol – comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is one of 113 known compounds within the plant. Yet, it is the most famous, alongside THC. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychotropic, meaning it does not cause consumers to get ‘high.’ 

Many stores in London have CBD hemp flowers or CBD with up to 0.2% THC content available to buy. However, both of these ‘CBD’ products are illegal and could potentially create an unwanted ‘high.’

How is CBD made?

CBD is made from the Cannabis plant. So, the process to create CBD Oil begins with a humble crop. If you buy a quality CBD Oil, the manufacturer will use organically grown Cannabis. 

Once the crop is harvested, it undergoes an extraction process, to squeeze all the good CBD out of the plant. Afterwards, it is then mixed with a carrier oil, such as Hemp or MCT Oil, for added bioavailability.

Finally, once it is bottled and shipped, the CBD Oil is available to buy at your local London store.

Where are the best CBD stores in London?

Dragonfly CBD Where can i Buy CBD in London Boots

Boots: A legendary retailer, Boots has over 2,500 stores around the UK with many in London. Boots has flagship stores in some of London’s best loved locations: Oxford Street, Soho and many more. Most importantly, you can buy the best CBD Oils available, stocking Dragonfly CBD and Fourfive CBD amongst others.

Dragonfly CBD Where can i Buy CBD in London Tesco

Tesco: Its Pharmacy outlet is a leader, open late nights and at weekends, it’s very much a modern outlet. Stocking over 3,000 medicines, it satisfies all your buying needs to treat any ailment in London, along with a select few quality CBD brands.

Dragonfly CBD Where can i Buy CBD in London Harrods

Harrods: The Brompton Road department store requires little introduction to many. Founded the same year as Boots, 1849, Harrods occupies 2 hectares of prime real estate.  With an international reputation for luxury, Harrods sells only the best CBD Oil, you can even buy an exclusive Dragonfly CBD range.

Dragonfly CBD Where can i Buy CBD in London LDN CBD

LDN CBD: Based in Camden, LDN CBD has been pioneering CBD physical retail in London since 2018. One of the few stores to exclusively focus on CBD, they have become experts in their craft. Moreover, this has allowed them to carry out their mission of improving lives with ‘plant based products.’

Where can I buy Dragonfly CBD in London?

Award winning, seed to shelf Dragonfly CBD Oil is available to buy across London and online. You can find the best CBD Oils in London, using this excellent search tool or visit Dragonfly CBD’s website.

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