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A Beginner's Guide to Buying CBD Oil

In 2020, more Brits searched the internet for CBD than other major health terms such as veganism and meditation. As stunning as this is, it should come as no surprise since multiple reports suggest that people are buying CBD oil in their droves. The global market is valued at nearly 1 billion, and is expected to be worth five times that by 2025. However, as with any new health category, there’s already been plenty of misinformation and confusion, so it’s wise to do some research before delving into the unknown.

Part of our mission here at Dragonfly CBD is to debunk these myths, and ensure people are armed with the right information when buying CBD oil. That’s why we’ve assembled an easy guide to buying CBD oil in the UK.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis sativa plant, also known as hemp. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychotropic, so it doesn’t get you ‘high’, the effect most often associated with cannabis. Instead, studies have suggested that CBD has multiple health benefits, including reducing anxiety and improving sleep. It is also shown to have positive dermatological effects, which is why we use it in our skincare products.

How should you take CBD?

It’s beneficial to understand a little about the science of CBD to appreciate why it’s so effective as an oil, as opposed to other CBD forms like creams and edibles. CBD is activated when it interacts with receptors located all over the human body, so it needs to be absorbed into the bloodstream to work. CBD oil has a high absorption rate, making it one of the most efficient ways to take CBD.

Taking CBD

We recommend holding the CBD oil under your tongue for up to two minutes, because of the millions of small blood vessels there to absorb the substance directly into the body. CBD is relatively tasteless, depending on how rich it is, though some people report an earthy, grassy taste due to the natural compounds used. We offer flavoured CBD for those who would prefer it, each packed with naturally infused tastes, including cinnamon, orange and peppermint.

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What different CBD oils can you buy?

We like to keep our menu of CBD oils simple and straightforward, although there are a few key distinctions between our two classic ranges, mainly relating to how much sativa compound is used in each formula. But, in short, narrow spectrum CBD oil is best for beginners, and broad spectrum for more experienced users.

Narrow Spectrum CBD Oil

Narrow spectrum CBD oil is pure CBD mixed with hemp oil, and made with a meticulous distillation process, which filters out many of the cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes that are found alongside CBD. This ensures a high-quality oil with a smooth consistency, making it ideal for new users, but also experienced users who prefer a more defined finish.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Unlike narrow spectrum products, broad spectrum CBD oil is made using a double-distillation process, which means that it retains much of the original plant matter, with the exception of THC. This form of CBD oil harnesses a variety of flavonoids and terpenes, providing a richer depth of flavour that is more suitable for the frequent CBD user. Another difference is that the Broad spectrum is capable of inducing something called the ‘entourage effect: the idea that CBD is more effective when ingested with other compounds, such as the flavonoids, cannaflavins and terpenes.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

You might also see full spectrum oil on the market, but we do not sell this at Dragonfly, as it contains small amounts of THC, which makes it illegal and potentially psychotropic. Our broad spectrum CBD oil provides a legal alternative to full spectrum, containing all of the same ingredients, minus THC. This is why it’s called ‘broad spectrum’ rather than ‘full’.

What should you look for when buying CBD oil?


A survey of our customers found that high strength is the most important consideration when buying CBD oil. Most people are looking for a product that makes a big impact, which is why 3000mg strength CBD oil is an especially popular choice. The reason behind this is simple: a higher CBD content means a stronger dose, plus you also get better value for money.

It’s important to note that each individual’s optimal dosage will vary, with factors like age, sex, height and weight all contributing to the amount that works best for you. If you’ve never tried CBD before, we would recommend starting with a lower-concentration formula such as 300mg before moving up to 1000mg-3000mg, and remember not to exceed 70mg per day.

Organic Products

Organic produce has become really popular in the last two decades, with shoppers placing increasing value in the three Ts: transparency, trust and traceability, and CBD oil is no exception. Cannabis sativa is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly plants. Not only is it a carbon sink, absorbing huge quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere, but it also removes toxins from the soil. However, its absorption capabilities mean that if the plant is grown on contaminated soil, it will take in toxins that can be inadvertently passed onto those who use its oil.


Every reputable CBD brand should have third party laboratory results available on their website. This is important so you can check any CBD oils you’re thinking of buying actually contain what you expect.

For example, many brands in the UK state that CBD oil can contain up to 0.2% THC, but this is not true. In fact, the legal level of THC in this country is 0. There is also the problem of untrustworthy measurements packaging. A BBC investigation discovered that many CBD oil products did not have the level of CBD stated on the packaging, with one particularly low-quality product containing no CBD at all.

As part of our mission to increase legitimacy, trust and transparency in CBD, Dragonfly CBD makes all of our lab tests freely available online. Type in the batch number to access to a full rundown of the cannabinoid profile and the microbiology report.

Where can I buy CBD oil in the UK?

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At Dragonfly CBD, we make every case of our CBD oil differently, from seed to shelf. This process begins with seeds sown on organically certified soil, which is free from heavy metals and pesticides, and lovingly nurtured by our farmers. 

Our CBD oils come in a variety of strengths, sizes and flavours to ensure there is something suitable for everyone. And as we mentioned earlier, lab reports for all of our products are available on Dragonfly’s website for added trust and transparency.

Finally, Boots’ customers recently voted us the Best CBD Oil in the UK. We think this serves as a great testament to our commitment and quality. Really though, the best way to know whether CBD Oil is right for you is to give it a try.

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