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World Earth Day 2022: How is CBD Caring for the Planet and Us?

The Power of Dragonfly CBD: Top 5 Ways it’s Helping the Planet

As we approach this year’s World Earth Day on April 22, we’re calling on people to think about the green credentials of the products they choose to support their lives which help them to feel their best every day. There is no doubt that our planet is an amazing place, but it needs our help to thrive!

CBD – A Top Natural Remedy

CBD Oil has become one of the most popular health and wellness supplements globally, for a variety of reasons. With its roots firmly in nature, there’s a growing body of scientific research looking into how it works with the body and the benefits of taking it.

What is CBD? CBD is one of 113 naturally occurring compounds found in the resinous flower of the Cannabis sativa L plant (belonging to the Cannabaceae family). It was discovered way back in 1940. Today it is a legal, non-addictive substance that is widely distributed across the world.

What does it do? CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system.  The system is a network of receptors that interacts with cannabinoids to maintain vital functions throughout the body; There are two main receptors – CB1 for mental and physiological functions and CB2 found throughout the central nervous and immune systems.

Why do people take it? Dragonfly independently surveyed over 1000 UK consumers last year who told us that they take CBD for the following reasons:

    • 45% believe it can help with anxiety
    • 44% say it can help with stress
    • 35% believe it eases depression
    • 34% think it helps sleep problems 27% that it helps pain.

“Natural remedies are on the increase and it’s fantastic that so many people are wanting to use solutions borne out of nature.

It’s a really positive step both for individual health and the wellbeing of our planet.  Unfortunately, even plant-based products are not all equal, but people are becoming increasingly interested in the provenance of their food, medicines, and supplements.”

Dr Tim Bond, natural health expert and chemist


Why is Dragonfly CBD Organically Farmed?

Dragonfly CBD is committed to producing the finest organic CBD oil at its farm set at the foot of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria. Our Cannabis Sativa plants are nurtured by our Dragonfly farmers in accredited GMP soil.  As the plant can accumulate heavy metals from the soil it’s important to source an organic product.

Many CBD Oil products do not use organic ingredients or cultivate their Cannabis Sativa in the best agricultural conditions possible. Organic places the natural environment at the centre of all its practices and if all of Europe followed organic standards, greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming would fall by 50 per cent. Organically certified soil is also free from contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals, all of which can be harmful to humans.

Carbon Eating Cannabis – One of Nature’s Powerful Protectors

The Cannabis Sativa has incredible ‘carbon eating’ properties. One hectare of industrial hemp can absorb 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. The Dragonfly farm has 650 hectares of organically grown Cannabis Sativa L crop, which has absorbed over 19,000 tonnes of CO2 in the last four years, more effective than a forest of the same size. The Cannabis Sativa plants also remove toxins from the soil at the same time.

Best Selling CBD – Dragonfly is Safe and Transparent

One of the reasons why Dragonfly CBD is so loved by Brits is that it is organic and sustainable. Every single bottle of Dragonfly CBD Oil can be traced back to the Dragonfly Farm where our team of expert farmers and scientists, deliver an incredible seed-to-shelf nurtured production process which guarantees quality, reliability, and safety. Read more about Dragonfly nurture CBD and our lab report testing  here.

Sustainable Packaging: Dragonfly’s Commitment

Dragonfly is striving for 100% environmental packaging by 2023. We will be close to achieving that goal in 2022 and are now working really hard to find a suitable environmentally friendly pipette for all our CBD oil bottles. Dragonfly wants everyone to sleep easier, knowing that they are playing their part in looking after the environment.

Why Dragonfly CBD: Olympic Skier, Chemmy Alcott Swears by It!

Britain’s greatest ever female skier and Mum of 2, Chemmy Alcott, says that Dragonfly CBD has been a fantastic addition to her day to day life, citing its seed to shelf attributes as a major positive.

“I can’t believe the difference Dragonfly CBD has made. I feel like I’m giving my body the best that I can, so I can be the best I can be.

Plus, it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to rely on taking pharmaceutical medicines.”

Dragonfly CBD was the first CBD oil to be stocked in Boots and is now widely available across other major retailers including Tescos, Sainsbury’s and Amazon. Boots customers voted Dragonfly the Best CBD Oil in the UK in 2020. In 2022, independent pharmacists across the UK voted Dragonfly CBD ‘Pharmacy Product of the Year’ Winner.

Explore our full range of Dragonfly CBD oils today, and trial your first bottle here.