Which DragonflyCBD Product Is Right For You?

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The Paradox of Choice

We’re aware that the booming CBD landscape can be confusing. Oils, creams, tinctures, sprays, gummies, energy drinks. Too much choice can be a bad thing. So, like any great restaurant, we like to keep the menu simple.

Read on for a straightforward guide to the DragonflyCBD range, designed to help you understand exactly what’s on offer, how to read our bottles, and which product is best for you.

Broad vs. Narrow?

We currently offer two ranges of DragonflyCBD oil, broad-spectrum oil and narrow-spectrum oil. The main difference between the two ranges is the amount of naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant we retain in the formula. So where our narrow-spectrum oil filters out many of the other cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes found alongside CBD, our broad-spectrum oil retains these compounds. These additional compounds give our broad-spectrum range a fuller, earthier flavour than our narrow-spectrum oil, ideal for those who want a more complete sativa experience.

How to Read Our Labels

We know that labels can be intimidating, especially if you’re unsure about how much CBD you want to take. The key number to look at on our DragonflyCBD labels is the concentration number in the bottom left-hand corner. Simply understood, this is an indication of the strength of our CBD oil. The higher the percentage, the more CBD you’re getting per serving. 

The big number in the middle of our bottles is simply the total number of milligrams of CBD in the whole bottle, while the number in the bottom right hand side is the amount of oil in the bottle. When these numbers are taken together, it explains the concentration of the CBD oil. So if you’re buying one of our 10ml bottles, the higher the mg per bottle, the higher the concentration number will be.

Which Product Is For You?

Picking a DragonflyCBD product that’s just right for you will depend on what you’re after. Luckily, there are only two things to consider in your choice: strength and taste.

DragonflyCBD Narrow-Spectrum Oil 1000mg (3.7% CBD) 30ml

One of our lightest products, the 1000mg, 30ml narrow-spectrum is a great entry point for those new to CBD. At 3.7%, each serving is relatively low in strength, allowing CBD newcomers to ease their way into the experience, all while retaining the smooth taste of our narrow-spectrum range. Given how easy going it is on the palate, this is a great oil to use when cooking with CBD. Meanwhile, a 30ml bottle means you won’t be running out any time soon! We recommend starting with a 7 drop serving and then varying as required.

DragonflyCBD Narrow-Spectrum Oil 3000mg (11.1% CBD) 30ml

At the other end of the narrow-spectrum range, we have our strongest product. Smooth yet powerful, our 3000mg narrow-spectrum bottle not only has the highest CBD concentration of any of our products, it is also the best value for money, giving you more CBD per penny. With a concentration of 11.1%, we recommend starting small with a 3 drop serving before varying your intake.

Dragonfly CBD Broad-Spectrum Oil 450mg (5% CBD) 10ml

This product is an easy way into our fuller, more colourful broad-spectrum range. As mentioned, we leave a range of additional compounds in our broad-spectrum oil, giving it an herbal, earthy flavour profile. Our 450mg bottle also comes in at 5% concentration, ensuring that it delivers a hearty CBD punch with every drop. We recommend starting out with a 6 drop serving before varying your serving size where necessary.

A Matter of Taste

While we would naturally recommend any and all of our products, we understand that everyone has their own personal preferences. We hope that by giving you all the important information we can help you make the right CBD choice for you! 

And if you’re yet to find your perfect DragonflyCBD partner, fear not. We’ll be expanding our range in the new year with some delicious flavoured DragonflyCBD oil! Keep your ears to the ground.

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