UK’s Best Value CBD Oil

When we dreamed up our new Essential range, we knew we wanted to make the UK’s best value CBD Oil. 

A Common Dilemma

We know how important CBD Oil is to many. People take CBD for a vast range of issues, but regardless of why someone might be taking it, consumers often face the same dilemma:

“Should I buy cheap CBD that might not be effective or should I pay extra more for a reputable brand?”

It’s no secret that some CBD brands operate in a way that is less than exemplary, selling cheaply made products without knowing exactly what’s going into every bottle. Meanwhile, more conscious brands are forced to offset rigorous, yet expensive, production standards with higher prices. 

The Dragonfly Approach

At Dragonfly CBD, we decided to tackle this problem head on and produce a high-quality yet affordable CBD Oil.

In order to make the UK’s best value CBD Oil, we decided to use CBD isolate as the main ingredient, rather than the hand-crafted Cannabis Sativa L. extract we use in the rest of our products. Using CBD isolate is a more affordable production method, allowing us to pass on the benefits directly to you, our customers.

And there’s no reason to worry about your product being of a lower quality due to a lower price. We maintain complete control over the Dragonfly CBD supply chain, ensuring that every stage of production is executed with precision.

The UK’s Best Value CBD Oil

The result is Essential Dragonfly CBD Oil. There’s no longer any need to worry about buying cheap CBD that won’t do the job, as the Essential range is high-quality at great value.

The new range comes in three strengths:

  • Essential Dragonfly CBD Oil 300mg, 10ml
  • Essential Dragonfly CBD Oil 500mg, 10ml
  • Essential Dragonfly CBD Oil 1000mg, 10ml

With a subtle organic coconut taste, the Essential range is great for newcomers to CBD, while the low price allows curious shoppers to try CBD without breaking the bank.

Click here to try the UK’s best value CBD Oil.

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