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Tired of suffering from pain?

Is pain starting to drag you down?

Whether it’s a headache, toothache, flu aches and pains, muscle cramps, sprains, strains, or burns – we have all had our share of experiences. However, discomfort can be a daily burden for some with long-standing health conditions.


In a recent independent Dragonfly research poll surveying over 1000 Brits, we found that: 

• Four in ten (40%) said they are in distress at least once a week

• Almost three in 10 (29%) feel their misery levels are worse since the pandemic began, with 9% admitting they experience a lot more pain now

What impact can pain have?

It’s clear that pain is having a detrimental impact on people’s lives. 

  • Almost half (46%) of those surveyed by Dragonfly says it is tiring
  • More than a third (34%) say it makes them feel miserable
  • 34% say that it stops them from being active.
  • It also disrupts sleep often or all of the time in some people
  • On average, respondents took off two workdays due to discomfort last year

How do people manage pain?

People manage their discomfort or get on with it in various ways. For example, in the Dragonfly CBD poll, we found that:

  • Almost half (47%) of respondents take painkillers once a week or more
  • The same proportion (47%) said they worry about taking painkillers
  • More than half (56%) are aware of issues caused by painkillers and would take a safe, natural therapy if they knew of one

Is there scientific evidence for cannabidiol helping pain?

Whilst more clinical trials are needed, increasing scientific evidence shows that CBD can help. Cannabidiol targets inflammation and, in animal models, shuts down inflammatory pathways and helps reduce chronic muscle pain caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. A Journal of Experimental Medicine review concluded that cannabidiol oil was effective.

Dragonfly’s Pharmacist, Sultan Dajani comments:

“The potential benefit of CBD in back pain has attracted significant attention. A 2019 guideline from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommended further studies with cannabidiol in pain medicine because of its excellent safety profile and therapeutic potential. In addition, observational research has reported good results with CBD in pain and fear reduction, both critical factors in low-back pain.

Dragonfly’s Dr Tim Bond adds

“In a 2021 study of more than 800 people with fibromyalgia – a painful autoimmune condition – more than seven in 10 said they had used CBD to replace prescription pain medications such as NSAIDs or opioids. Additionally, most participants who used CBD said they had been able to reduce or stop their medications.”


He goes on to say – “Another 2021 study – this time in 253 patients attending pain clinics – found more than half (59%) said cannabidiol products helped ease their discomfort, and more than two thirds (68%) said CBD allowed them to reduce their medications, particularly opioids.”

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