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Dragonfly CBD Where to buy CBD Oil in Tesco

Tesco CBD Oil | Dragonfly CBD Oil Available in Tesco

Dragonfly CBD Oil Available to buy in Tesco

Dragonfly CBD Where to buy Tesco CBD Oil Supermarket Sign

When Radio 4 announces that CBD Oil is one of the “biggest buzzwords” in the food and drink industry, you can tell something major is happening. CBD Oil is now no longer the best kept wellness secret. Everyone from your next neighbour to an old school friend seems to be taking it. You might be thinking of trying CBD Oil but are unsure where is the best place to get CBD in the UK. As it turns out, one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, Tesco, currently sells CBD Oil.

Alternatively, you can get 10% off Dragonfly CBD online with your first purchase!

Every Little Helps

Tesco is well established and trusted in the UK. In fact, people love Tesco so much that Britons used to spend £1 in every seven! Over 27 million people worldwide own a Tesco Clubcard and there are over 3,000 stores. It’s fair to say Tesco has become a part of the fabric of British life.

Tesco was started by a man nicknamed “Slasher Jack,” in 1919. The name came from Tesco’s low prices, not anything more sinister! They grew rapidly throughout the 20th Century and expanded their offering to include a variety of different items including over 3,000 medicines in their pharmacy outlet.

Since 2018, Tesco Pharmacy has been stocking a range of CBD Oil in store, but not online.

How to tell if your CBD Oil is quality

Before buying a CBD Oil, it is important to consult your pharmacist or GP, if you are taking existing medication. 

Buying a CBD Oil for the first time can be a daunting proposition. Many CBD brands use a lot of complex terminology to describe their products. So, the purchasing process can be confusing. As a result, we’ve compiled a few tips to ensure you buy a quality CBD Oil.

  1. Check to see if the manufacturer has laboratory results available for every product on their website. This might seem like an unusual one. You’d never double check whether a Peanut Butter brand actually has the right concentrate of peanuts in its product! Last year, a BBC Investigation highlighted many CBD Oil products do not include the stated level of CBD on the packaging. Even worse, many include the illegal, psychotropic chemical THC!
  2. Organic is always best but particularly with CBD. Hemp – the strain of Cannabis used to make CBD – has excellent agricultural properties and can be used to eradicate soil toxicity. It is so impressive that hemp even managed to reduce radiation levels in Chernobyl! However, these harmful substances can be passed into the CBD. So ensure your CBD Oil is cultivated on organically certified soil. This ensures the plant doesn’t suck up any nasty surprises.
  3. Careful consideration should be given to the strength or mg content of a CBD Oil. There are several great guides to help you decide how much CBD to take per day. Nonetheless, to put it simply, the higher CBD content of a product, the stronger the serving will be. Not only that but the greater the bang for your buck. Consider your reasons behind buying CBD. This will help you decide whether investing a little more money in a stronger CBD Oil is your right way forward.
  4. The price is always a crucial stage of any purchase. With CBD Oil, there are many very expensive products. But, they might not always be good quality. Likewise, any really cheap CBD Oil should be treated with caution, if it does not pass the test of the previous stages. For many, the cost of CBD Oil is paid back a thousand times more once it is used. So whilst it remains a big consideration, ensure you find the best CBD Oil first before choosing the most affordable version.

So where can I buy CBD Oil in Tesco?

There are a couple of CBD Oil brands to choose from in Tesco. But Dragonfly CBD ticks all the right boxes.

Dragonfly CBD makes its CBD Oil, differently. The whole process is controlled by Dragonfly CBD from seed to shelf, which begins with seeds planted on organically certified soil. Its CBD Oil range covers a variety of strengths, sizes and flavours to ensure there is something suitable for everyone. All lab reports are made available on Dragonfly’s website for added trust and transparency. Finally, Dragonfly CBD’s is both high quality and competitively priced, as part of its mission to improve the accessibility of medicinal cannabis.

You can find Dragonfly CBD in your local Tesco Pharmacy by using this search tool. Alternatively, take a look at Dragonfly CBD’s full range of CBD Oil and Skincare on its website, with some online only exclusives.

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