How to to take CBD Blog Thumbnail Woman taking Broad Spectrum CBD sublingually, on a grey backgroundOver the past few years, the CBD narrative has snowballed. From anecdotal accounts to mass media coverage, everybody’s talking about it. But great coverage does not always equate to clear information.

Whether it’s via Facebook, Instagram or email, the questions we receive the most from our community are ‘how do I take CBD?’ and ‘how much CBD should I take?’ In other words, you want to know exactly where to start.

At Dragonfly, it’s our mission to take CBD beyond a health and wellness trend and make it as accessible and user-friendly as possible. To help kickstart your CBD journey, we’ve put together the basics below, complete with information on the different methods of taking CBD and recommended serving sizes.


Dragonfly CBD How to Take CBD - Sublingual

There are a number of ways to get your hit of CBD, but at Dragonfly we first and foremost recommend the sublingual route.

When administered sublingually, the drops are placed under the tongue and held there for a minimum of two minutes before swallowing to maximise absorption.  

Via this method, CBD enters the bloodstream through the oral muscosa membrane and is absorbed directly into systemic circulation. Studies estimate absorption (bioavailability) to come in at up to 35% for this method. This is in contrast to immediate ingestion (swallowing), which sees much of the CBD ingested fall prey to the first pass metabolism. In fact, some studies have estimated this method has a bioavailability as low as 6%.

Dragonfly CBD How to Take CBD - Ingestion

While we would not recommend ingestion as the first port of call for taking CBD, some prefer this method.

It does have some benefits, as CBD stays in your system for a few hours longer than through sublingual absorption. Plus, some people like to get creative with their CBD, and find that including it in their meals is a great way to boost intake for the day alongside the sublingual method.

According to our pharmacological advisors, ingesting CBD is best done alongside food or shortly after eating.


While working so closely with a community of CBD users, we’ve come to realise how much of a personal journey using CBD is. Namely, that people use CBD for completely different reasons. 

Just as the sublingual route works best for many, others prefer to apply Dragonfly CBD oil directly to the skin. The topical method does not see CBD absorbed directly into the bloodstream, but is perhaps the best way to target specific, local areas.

Experimenting is encouraged and we always love hearing from our users, so let us know which method has brought you the most success!


At Dragonfly CBD, we recommend a serving size of 12-15mg per day. Inevitably, for products with a higher concentration this means fewer drops, while for our formulations with a lower CBD content, more drops are required to reach the same dose.

Ultimately, though, the level of endogenous (body’s own) cannabinoids differ significantly between individuals, meaning that not everyone will respond the same to any given dose of DragonflyCBD. This means that building up to the recommended serving size gradually and paying close attention to how your body feels is paramount.

The serving size can then be increased or decreased at your discretion, as long as you remain careful not to exceed 70mg of CBD per day.


While some prefer to take CBD upon waking for that morning boost, others find it’s best taken before bed. In fact, some like both.

The frequency of your dosing – whether it’s once, twice, or three times a day – again depends on individual preference. It’s always best to start small and increase your dose as required, while making sure not to exceed 70mg of CBD per day.

Start your CBD journey today or read about people’s experiences with CBD.

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