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How CBD Cream helps your skin

On the 3rd of February 2021, the European Commission added CBD to their database of cosmetic ingredients. CBD Creams are so promising that even top executives from L’Oreal and Goop have left to join cannabis skincare startups.

cbd christmas gifts

Christmas CBD Gifts

We know that as we approach the festive season, many of you will be carefully selecting the perfect gifts for your loved ones. But you’re probably also in need of a well-deserved, relaxing treat yourself. Dragonfly CBD Christmas gifts make the perfect seasonal present, particularly for the lockdown period.

Self Care and your CBD Skincare Routine

Self Care and your CBD Skincare Routine Why CBD and Self Care? A hugely popular cosmetic ingredient, CBD intersects a series of modern fixations: wellness, health and simmering angst. The last few years has seen CBD become an antidote to twenty-first century excesses, with its unrelenting, fast pace and turbulent socio-economic climate. So too, has […]

Dragonfly CBD - How to Choose the Best CBD Skincare Blog Cover featuring CBD face cream, CBD moisturiser and CBD lip balm.

How to Choose the Best CBD Skincare Product

How to Choose the Best CBD Skincare Product Whilst it is the most talked about ingredient in beauty and skin care, CBD remains widely misunderstood. Cloaked in mystery, technical terms and plenty of jargon, Dragonfly CBD demystifies the industry, to help you choose the best CBD skincare product. How does CBD Skincare work? As Vogue […]