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Vegan Broccoli and Cashew CBD Stir Fry

Perfect for any day of the week, this vegetable stir fry is bound to tickle anyone’s tastebuds. Packed full of protein, fibre and iron- as well as our smooth and rich award-winning Cannabis Sativa L. extract.

Broad Spectrum CBD vs CBD Oral Drops – what is the difference?

We get asked a lot of questions about CBD including – what is it? Is it safe? How much should I take? And how do I know a good CBD product from a bad one? These are all natural questions for people trialling CBD oil for the first time or even regular users.  There’s also […]

Best Value CBD Oil in the UK

The Best Value CBD Oil in the UK When we formulated our Narrow Spectrum range, we knew we wanted to make the best value CBD Oil in the UK.  A Common Dilemma We know how important CBD Oil is to many. People take CBD for a vast range of issues, but regardless of why someone […]

Pancakes topped with honey and chocolate with vanilla ice cream.

CBD Pancakes | The Perfect Shrove Tuesday Treat

CBD Pancakes | The Perfect Shrove Tuesday Treat Infusing CBD into your Pancake Day What better way to celebrate Pancake Day than slipping some wholesome, natural and nourishing CBD into you batter and toppings. While we encourage our users to opt for the sublingual method (holding oil under the tongue to maximise absorption), cooking with […]