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CBD Cooking | Best 5 Ways to Cook with CBD

Cooking CBD | Best 5 WAYS TO COOK WITH CBD How can you cook with CBD? While we usually recommend slipping some Dragonfly CBD under the tongue, cooking with CBD is a fantastic alternative.  Cooking is a great way to lend a dose of relaxation come dinner time, promoting a good night’s sleep in the […]

Pancakes topped with honey and chocolate with vanilla ice cream.

CBD Pancakes | The Perfect Shrove Tuesday Treat

CBD Pancakes | The Perfect Shrove Tuesday Treat Infusing CBD into your Pancake Day What better way to celebrate Pancake Day than slipping some wholesome, natural and nourishing CBD into you batter and toppings. While we encourage our users to opt for the sublingual method (holding oil under the tongue to maximise absorption), cooking with […]