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Woman taking CBD oil underneath her tongue

A Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying CBD Oil In 2020, more Brits searched the internet for CBD than other major health terms such as veganism and meditation. As stunning as this is, it should come as no surprise since multiple reports suggest that people are buying CBD oil in their droves. The global market is valued […]

Guide to travelling with CBD Oil

With many of us unable to travel in these challenging times, planning your next trip can be great to have something to look forward to. However, if you’ve heard about recent changes in CBD’s legal status abroad, you may be wondering if it’s ok to pack in your suitcase.

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Guide to Buying CBD on Amazon

For many people, Amazon is now part of daily life. Whilst you can now buy your books and laundry detergent from the same site, for many years Amazon had prohibited the sale of CBD products on its platform. Thankfully, now in 2021 consumers in the UK are able to purchase products directly from the internet’s top retailer.

Human's hands with green marijuana plant in soil.

What is a Cannabinoid?

Although many people are familiar with CBD, far fewer understand the science behind it. In particular, the range of compounds found in cannabis, known as cannabinoids.

The best time of day to take cbd. What's the best time to take cbd- Young Millennial Girl Sitting on a Bed in the Morning, Uses Laptop Computer and Eats Croissants and Drinks Coffee for Breakfast. Top Down Shot.

What is the best time to take CBD?

Whether you choose to have CBD in the morning or evening time can depend on what your intentions are for the CBD oil, and your wellness routine.

Broad Spectrum vs Narrow Spectrum CBD | What is the difference?

Broad Spectrum vs Narrow Spectrum CBD | What is the difference? We find that customers are often slightly perplexed by the variety of CBD options available to them. It is very easy to be stumped when choosing between a Broad or Narrow Spectrum CBD Oil range.  This is hardly surprising. CBD is a new and […]

Dragonfly CBD Does CBD Oil have Side Effects

Does CBD Oil have Side Effects?

What are the side effects of CBD oil? In 2018, CBD oil hit national headlines when the government agreed to legalise medical cannabis. This came about after families campaigned for their children that were suffering with severe epilepsy to be able to use it, with CBD a proven treatment. Since then, cannabis-derived products have hit […]

How to to take CBD Blog Thumbnail Woman taking Broad Spectrum CBD sublingually, on a grey background

How To Take CBD

HOW TO TAKE CBD Over the past few years, the CBD narrative has snowballed. From anecdotal accounts to mass media coverage, everybody’s talking about it. But great coverage does not always equate to clear information. Especially when trying to learn how to take CBD. Whether it’s via Facebook, Instagram or email, the questions we receive the […]

Dragonfly CBD Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil | What is the difference?

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil | What is the difference? Over the last few years, CBD Oil has surged into the public consciousness, beginning in earnest in 2018 with the UK legalisation of medical cannabis. While people’s conceptions around Cannabis have changed immeasurably in the last five years, much confusion has arisen around the industry. […]

Dragonfly CBD Buy CBD Oil Easy Guide to Buying the Best CBD Oil

Buy CBD Oil | Easy Guide to Buying the Best CBD Oil

Easy Guide to Buying the Best CBD Oil CBD range ‘Insanely Popular’ was a phrase used last year to describe the numbers of people buying CBD Oil. Indeed, more Britons googled CBD than other health terms, such as veganism and meditation. Reports suggested people are buying CBD Oil in their droves, as nationwide sales hit […]