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where to buy cbd oil at sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s CBD Oil | Dragonfly CBD Oil Available in Sainsbury’s

Dragonfly CBD Oil Available to buy in Sainsbury's

Picture outside of a sainsbury's shop at night time with the shop illuminated, where you can buy Sainsbury's CBD

With 1.3 million regular users in the UK and 6 million taking it in the past year- CBD Oil is the most exciting development in wellness. After seeing everyone from young to old take CBD Oil for a multitude of reasons, you may be wanting to see what the hype is all about. The problem for many is not knowing what’s high quality, reliable and accessible. Luckily, some UK supermarkets have now started stocking CBD Oil, including Sainsbury’s, one of the largest food retailers.

Alternatively, you can get 10% off Dragonfly CBD online with your first purchase!

Live Well For Less

Sainsbury’s is well established and trusted in the UK, running over 600 supermarkets and 800 convenience stores. We love Sainsbury’s for their great value, helpful staff and fresh produce-  shown as over 16.8 million people own a Nectar card. The chain is famous for allowing it’s customer’s to “Live Well For Less”. Annually, they slash prices on thousands of products, without compromising on quality.  

Founded by John and May Ann Sainsbury in 1869, Sainsbury’s is Britain’s oldest supermarket chain. Starting out as a dairy shop on Drury Lane in London, Sainsbury’s soon moved onto specialising in quality meats. Growing rapidly throughout the 20th century, Sainsbury’s became the first UK supermarket to accomplish many feats. For example, offering organic food, carrier bags made from recycled material and digitalising distribution.

Now in 2020, Sainsbury’s has been doing their bit to give back during the pandemic. Key workers received pay raises, also matching customer’s Comic Relief donations.

Since 2018, Sainsbury’s has stocked CBD Oil. Our Dragonfly CBD Oil is sold in Sainsbury’s stores.

How to tell if your CBD Oil is quality

Before you buy any CBD Oil, it is essential to consult your pharmacist or GP if you’re taking existing medication. 

Buying a CBD Oil for the first time can be an intimidating task, due to the sheer variety out there. Many brands use a lot of complex terminology in reference to their CBD-  making the search process somewhat perplexing. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few tips, ensuring you only buy quality CBD Oils.

  1. Check to see if the manufacturer has laboratory results available for every product they produce on their website. This may seem strange, as you’d expect that products would contain what they claim to! Last year, a BBC Investigation underlined how many CBD Oil products in fact do not include the claimed level of CBD on the packaging. In fact, many even include the illegal, psychotropic chemical THC!
  2. Organic CBD Oil is by far the best to invest in. Hemp – the strain of Cannabis used to make CBD – has superb agricultural properties and can make soil non-toxic. This does, however, display how good Hemp is at absorption- and how harmful substances can be passed onto you through CBD. You can avoid these nasty surprises by only purchasing CBD that’s cultivated on organically certified soil!
  3. You should also carefully consider the strength of any CBD Oil. There are many great guides on how much CBD to take per day, and a higher CBD content means a stronger serving. Once you’ve considered your reasons for taking CBD, this should help you to decide whether or not to invest a little more money in a stronger CBD Oil.
  4. Whilst you would think that the price of CBD Oil would be another good indicator for quality, many expensive oils actually don’t even contain CBD! Similarly, very cheap oils are dangerous if they do not meet our aforementioned tips. Many believe that the benefits of CBD greatly justify its price. So, whilst price is important, it is more important to find the best CBD Oil before making your decision.

So where can I buy CBD Oil in Sainsbury’s?

There are a couple of CBD Oil brands to choose from in Sainsbury’s. However, Dragonfly CBD ticks all of these boxes.

Dragonfly CBD makes its CBD Oil, differently. The whole process is commanded by Dragonfly CBD, all the way from seed to shelf. Beginning with seeds planted in organically certified soil that is free of harmful, unnatural chemicals- its CBD Oil range covers a variety of strengths, sizes and flavours to ensure there is a product for everyone. Laboratory reports for every product we manufacture are made available on Dragonfly’s website for your peace of mind, trust and transparency. Lastly, Dragonfly CBD has made it its mission to improve the accessibility of medical cannabis- creating high quality oils at competitive prices. 

You can find Dragonfly CBD in your local Sainsbury’s by using this search tool. Alternatively, you can see Dragonfly CBD’s full range of CBD Oil and Skincare on its website. This also includes some online only exclusive products, as well as exclusive deals.

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