Practising Positive Thinking

Practising Positive Thinking

 ‘We are still masters of our fate. We still are captain of our souls’ (Winston Churchill)

We are a nation that rallies around each other when times are tough. Positive thinking can go a long way and its good for our mood health.

Here’s a few positive thinking tips:

  1. Think about the end result or the feeling: To keep us going when times are hard we need to visualise into the future to see the end result, or to get us motivated need to recognise what we will feel like when we complete and achievement. It might be helpful to jot down words that you can use to remind yourself. So, if you are wanting to get fitter, how will being fitter make you feel? If you want a change in your career, how would you feel to land a new job or get that promotion?
  2. Practice gratitude: The more we look for the good things in our days, in the people around us the greater our positive thinking. Instead of getting out of bed thinking ‘here we go, another day, I hate what I do or something is going to go wrong, or you have to deal with an overflowing inbox’ start the day with three things you are grateful for and three things you are looking forward to that day. Then before bed,  think of three happy things about the day. This trains our mind into spending time on the positives rather than negatives.
  3. Turn negatives to positives: When we start to hear ourselves speaking negatively, think how we can rephrase it into something positive. This applies to us talking to other people, and also the thoughts we have about our own situations. For example, ‘I am no good at doing that task’ can be turned around to be ‘I am going to challenge myself and see how far I get with that task’ or ‘I’m really bored in the house’ could be ‘I’m thankful that I am safe inside my home.’ Or you didn’t get that job you really wanted. This can be very disappointing but you can also look at it as it keeps the door open for a better opportunity to come your way.

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