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CBD Infused Skin Patches with Pure Bergamot 

We’re introducing Dragonfly Biosciences’ CBD Infused Skin Patches for easy, controlled and effective use of CBD.

Each patch has 20mg of pure CBD. You can apply up to three patches daily anywhere on the body or on problem areas. CBD is then released into the bloodstream slowly to promote a feeling of well-being that lasts through the day.

Bergamot scent is added to the patches for aromatherapy benefits, such as being calming and anxiety reducing. (1)

Discreet and tested. Dragonfly Biosciences’ CBD patches are non-invasive, water resistant and can be stored easily in a purse or travel kit.

How Do CBD Infused Skin Patches Work?

CBD patches are skin adhesive patches containing cannabidiol (CBD). They slowly release CBD into the bloodstream through your skin throughout several hours. Some people may prefer this CBD delivery system, as it is convenient and longer lasting.

This study notes this application method increases the bioavailability of the product. Unlike CBD lotions and creams, which get absorbed by the skin quicker, the patch releases CBD through several hours.

CBD patches may be a more suitable option for certain applications, such as treating pain or problem areas. We recommend using Dragonfly CBD Skin Patches in conjunction with your CBD oils in the morning and night-time for optimal effects like sleep and stress relief.

Man smiling while wearing a Dragonfly CBD Infused Skin patch


Benefits of CBD Infused Skin Patches

  • Reliable – Releases ingredients into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal system to optimise the benefits of CBD.

  • Controlled – Dosage is safe and controlled. Each patch contains 20 mg of CBD. Each pack contains one month’s supply based on one patch per day.  We recommend not to exceed three (3) patches per day (60mg per day).

  • Easy to Use – Non-invasive. Just unpeel the patch  and apply to clean and dry skin.  it can be applied in the morning or night for up to 24 hours use.

  • Effective – Unlike other patches,  Dragonfly Biosciences’ CBD infused dermal patches delivers the full 20mg of CBD per patch with use. No absorption into gauze or material that is common with other brands.

open female hand with CBD infused skin patch on the inner wrist

How to Use CBD Infused Skin Patches

  1. Select a dry, clean and hairless area of skin like the upper arm.
  2. Remove patch from sheet and adhere to the skin.
  3. Aim to wear it for 12-24 hours for maximum effect.
  4. Dispose of the compostable patch and wash off any residue.


Dragonfly Biosciences’ CBD Infused Skin Patches

Dragonfly Biosciences CBD Infused Skin Patches offer a convenient addition to your daily CBD routine or an alternative to orally taken CBD.

Each discrete CBD patch is contains 20mg of CBD, which is absorbed slowly by the skin throughout the day. We recommend to wear the one patch through the day, alongside taking your CBD Oral Drops as per usual.

Each pack contains 30 patches, totalling 600 mg of CBD per pack. One patch per day can last you a month’s wear.

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