This Sunday is International Women’s Day and DragonflyCBD have partnered with the women’s mental health charity, Wish. Hand-picked by the women of Dragonfly, Wish is the only national, user-led charity working with women with mental health needs in prisons, hospitals and local communities. DragonflyCBD will be donating £2 from every order for the rest of the weekend in support of Wish and the fantastic work they do.

Many women Wish supports have been imprisoned for minor ‘offences’ to do with their mental health such as calling emergency services too often, self harming in public places, or thinking about harming themselves on motorways or railway stations. Wish provides independent advocacy, emotional support and practical guidance at all stages of a woman’s journey through the Mental Health and Criminal Justice systems. Head over to their website or Twitter to find more information or to donate.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, it’s important to remember the potential the Cannabis Industry has to nurture gender equality and diversity. As of 2017, the level of female executives in the industry was just shy of 27%, 4% better than the national U.S. average 23%. 

We hope to go further in Europe and we want fuel this effort by giving a voice to businesswomen in the Cannabis Industry, starting with some of the businesswomen of DragonflyCBD: Hannah Skingle, our COO, Nanda Faian, our Lead Graphic Designer and Jelisa Ferguson, our Executive Assistant. We sat down with our power trio to ask them a few questions about women in Cannabis and diversity in the workplace.

Why do you think the Cannabis industry is so diverse?

Hannah – I’d say two reasons – because Cannabis is so old and the industry is so new. As the plant’s been around for thousands of years and with a multitude of uses, its diversity and ethos is inevitably reflected in the industry. At the same time, this industry is nascent, inviting in a diversity of voices. Both women and minorities now have the opportunity to shape the industry and its future direction without constraint, which is really exciting.

How do you think we can keep it that way?

Jelisa – We can ensure women flourish in the industry with bottom-up hiring. If you’re talented and keen to learn, the Cannabis space is one that allows you to quickly excel.

Who has been the most inspirational woman in your life?

Nanda – It has to be my Mom. She moved from Brazil to Canada when she 40, without knowing any English, raised my brother and I in a completely foreign culture, and still managed to instil a Brazilian identity in us. I think the fact that she managed to do all that and we still turned out somewhat normal is amazing. Eu amo minha mãe!

What do you think is the biggest issue facing women in 2019?

Jelisa – It’s hard to choose just one, but I’d have to say the legal fight for equal rights and opportunities. The movement towards equality is not a universal one, and it’s difficult seeing misogyny still embedded in the laws of certain countries. We also need to recognise that ‘woman’ is not just one category and the real diversity of experiences and voices out there. International Women’s Day is both a celebration of how far we’ve come and a springboard for further progress.

What advice would you give any young woman looking to get involved in the fast-growing Cannabis Industry?

Hannah – Believe in yourself, put yourself out there and get in contact with any up and coming Cannabis companies. I know for one that DragonflyCBD is always looking for talented women to join the team.

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