DragonflyCBD Wellness Series: Working From Home

DragonflyCBD Wellness Series: Working From Home

In a moment when wellbeing is more important than ever, we at DragonflyCBD have called on our network of GP’s, pharmacists and scientists to gather some facts, tips and recommendations on the essential areas of wellbeing. Today we’re talking about how to maintain a sense of normalcy whilst working from home.

For many of us, our lives have taken on an unrecognisable routine. Staying at home, limiting our trips outside and, where possible, carrying out our work from home is not something a lot of us are used to.

Working from home can often prove challenging for those of us who aren’t used to it. Whether its distractions at home, constant food breaks, or the lack of discipline that not having a normal routine creates, staying disciplined and productive at work can be challenging.

Here a few tips we’ve found useful at DragonflyCBD, to help you if you’re working from home through this period:


If your working situation has changed – either with reduced time at work, or working from home – try and stick to your usual routine as much as possible. From waking up at the same time, to getting dressed in a work-appropriate outfit (not pyjamas!), to having set work times and lunch breaks. This will help your body regulate for work, and keep you in routine as much as possible.


When we have it, we don’t want it, and when we don’t have it, it’s what we need most; scheduling our days in order to provide a structure is crucial. Try mapping out activities in time periods across the day and week, making sure to include time to exercise, time to do something we enjoy and include some downtime to help us switch-off. What are you doing to help structure your day?

Work Space vs. Relaxation Space

Try to distinguish zones in your home that are ‘work’ zones and ‘relaxation’ spaces. This means setting up a desk space at your kitchen or dining room table…and avoiding working from your bed. You need clear boundaries so that your mind can associate what is work time, and what is relaxation time so that you can effectively unwind once the working day is out.

Take a Break

Put the kettle on. Go for a quick walk. Take a bathroom break. Don’t feel glued to your working space – you need to be able to clear your mind during the day… forcing yourself to concentrate won’t necessarily make it happen.

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