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CBD Oil vs. CBD Capsules – What’s the difference?

Finding the right CBD product for you can sometimes feel rather challenging, given the sheer range of products that are available.

The good news is that Dragonfly are here to help you navigate the key differences between the various products. Let’s take a closer look at CBD oil and CBD capsules.

The difference between CBD Oil & CBD Capsules

CBD Oil is an organic liquid, from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which you consume by placing drops underneath the tongue, allowing it to be absorbed into your system.

CBD Capsules, are pills which you consume with water and come in many forms including CBD tablets, pills, capsules, or soft gel capsules.

Here’s what you should know before making a choice on which type is right for you:

What's the benefit of taking CBD oral drops?

Essentially you can control how much CBD oil you place in the pipette and place under your tongue*.  Simply hold for a minimum of two minutes before swallowing the CBD oil to maximise fast absorption into the bloodstream.

Studies estimate bioavailability (absorption) is 35% for this method, which basically means that 35% of the CBD in the oil you take is absorbed, so you don’t need much in order to feel the effects. By contrast, ingesting CBD offers a bioavailability of around 6%, as most will be metabolised by your body.

Some people prefer to add CBD oil directly to food, either dinner or a smoothie, rather than take it directly under the tongue.

*If you’re new to taking CBD, we recommend starting with a low-concentration oil, such as the CBD Oral Drops 1000mg. Each drop contains 3.7% of the active ingredient, so we suggest taking between 5-7 drops to gently ease you in, then altering your dose as necessary.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the same oil available at 3000mg per bottle, which is a much higher concentration.

For this, you should start at no more than 3 drops, before altering the dose.

What are the benefits of CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are a popular choice because they offer a convenient way of taking CBD oil.  The capsule tends to absorb slower and stays in your system for a few hours longer when ingested. 

Some people like to take CBD capsules with added vitamins or nutrients. These capsules come pre mixed which offers a simple way of taking your daily dose.

Can I take CBD capsules and oils together?

It is perfectly safe to take CBD capsules and CBD oils together.

Just be sure not to exceed the maximum daily dose of 70mg of CBD, unless advised otherwise by a healthcare professional.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Capsules: What's best?

Let’s do a comparison of CBD oil and CBD capsules:

CBD oil

  • Natural, herbal taste with flavours available if preferred
  • premium, full spectrum CBD, including vitamins if preferred
  • Quick and easy to take under the tongue, with rapid absorption
  • Vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free CBD
  • Allows for a higher daily dose of CBD that you can control
  • Ability to tailor your strengths – 200mg (medium) and 500mg (strong)

CBD capsules

  • Neutral taste
  • Same CBD with added nutrients
  • Quick and easy to take on the go, with a slower release absorption
  • Gluten-free and GMO-free CBD
  • Contains an exact amount of CBD per capsule
  • Choice of capsules with pure CBD or added vitamins and nutrients

How your body reacts to CBD oil, regardless of strength, depends on the level of your own cannabinoids. Everyone produces their own cannabinoids, and this differs from person to person, so the natural response to CBD is unique to every individual. Feel free to contact us for more expert advice.

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