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CBD: How it interacts with our body

What is the Endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors that interacts with cannabinoids to maintain vital functions throughout the body. There are two main receptors – CB1 and CB2.

  • CB1 receptors are concentrated in the nervous system and the brain, particularly in the parts of the brain responsible for mental and physiological functions such as memory, cognition, emotion, and motor coordination. 
  • CB2 receptors are found throughout the central nervous and immune systems. 

Does CBD interact with Endocannabinoid receptors?

Dr Tim Bond notes: “Both CBD and THC interact with CB2 receptors, but only THC bonds directly with CB1 receptors, creating brain signals that lead to a feeling of ‘getting high’.

“In contrast, CBD does not bond with CB1 receptors, so whilst people take CBD for reasons such as stress, anxiety, and pain, it does not create a ‘high’.

“Evidence points toward a calming effect of CBD in the central nervous system. Many of these effects seem to be mediated by CBD’s interaction with not only CBD 2 receptors but also the 5-HT1-A receptor, alpha-3 glycine receptors, opioid receptors and others.”

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