Christmas CBD Gifts

We know that as we approach the festive season, many of you will be carefully selecting the perfect gifts for your loved ones. But you’re probably also in need of a well-deserved, relaxing treat yourself. Dragonfly CBD Christmas gifts make the perfect seasonal present, particularly for the lockdown period.

We’ve bundled up our best-selling products to give our customers more value in curated combinations. This reduces the stress of seasonal shopping, giving you the best selection possible to choose from.

Check out our new CBD Christmas Gifts now!

Dragonfly CBD Christmas Gift Bundles
CBD Beginner bundle

Designed for those that are new to CBD or are curious about its benefits- the perfect introduction to our Cannabis sativa L. Extract.

Includes our Peppermint Flavoured Dragonfly CBD Oil 500mg (10ml) for those that are new to its unique taste, CBD Hydrating Body Moisturiser 500mg (100ml) and our CBD Lip Balm.

Created so that you can save on our best-selling skincare products without pulling at your purse strings, perfect for those that are new to CBD skincare or that want to try it out.

Includes our CBD Hydrating Daily Face Cream 300mg, CBD Hydrating Body Moisturiser 500mg, and our CBD Lip Balm.

Skincare Bundle Medium Strength
Skincare Bundle High Strength

Designed for those in need of the strongest hit of high-quality CBD skincare to treat themselves or their loved ones, without breaking the bank. 

Includes our CBD Hydrating Daily Face Cream 500mg, CBD Hydrating Body Moisturiser 1000mg, and our Relieving CBD Lip Balm.

Dragonfly CBD’s lockdown bundle is designed to support and comfort you through the winter months as you spend more time indoors, helping you to maintain your immune system, bone and muscle function.

Includes our Vitamin D Dragonfly CBD Oil, Hydrating CBD Face Cream 500mg and CBD Lip Balm.

lockdown bundle website

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