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CBD 101 with the Experts

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Dr. Andy Yates
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Prof. Saoirse O'Sullivan

A handy guide by our expert advisors

As part of our mission to educate you – the DragonflyCBD community – on all things Cannabidiol, we rounded up your questions and put them to our expert scientific advisors, Dr Andy Yates and Prof. Saoirse O’Sullivan.

Read on for this week’s 101.

1. What would you recommend is the best way to take Dragonfly CBD oil?

Drops are best placed under the tongue and held for a couple of minutes to help with absorption through the lining of the mouth, so we would recommend taking the oil sublingually. Or, if preferred, CBD oil can be swallowed and absorbed via the gut. There is also some evidence to suggest that taking CBD with food can increase absorption, so I would recommend taking the product with food at the same time(s) each day.

2. Does CBD oil negatively interact with any foods, medications or supplements? It’s really hard to find solid evidence anywhere.

While use of CBD is now widespread, there is a sparsity of good peer review published evidence to help us really understand some of these interactions. What we do know from some published research conducted with CBD is that it can inhibit some of the enzymes in the body that help breakdown a number of substances. Namely, the cytochrome P450 enzyme system or CYP system.

In terms of what this means for supplements and medications, I would recommend you talk to your pharmacist or GP about any potential interactions before you start supplementing your regime with DragonflyCBD.

In general, though, CBD can cause some to feel sleepy. Thus, if it is taken with alcohol or other supplements which can have a soporific effect, this effect may be increased. Regarding food, I can second that a few (limited) studies have also found that CBD is best absorbed by the body when taken with food. This can be taken advantage of by administering CBD with or around food.

3. How long do I have to take it for to start feeling the benefits? 

Unfortunately, as Dragonfly CBD is a food supplement, we are not permitted to give out advice pertaining to medical symptoms, conditions or benefits. In general, though, some can feel different as a result of CBD relatively instantly, whereas for others it can take longer. This depends on the individual, serving size and serving frequency.

4. Is there any evidence of the long term effects of CBD if taken by a healthy individual?

Although humans have been consuming the cannabis plant for a very long time, the use of pure or CBD-enriched products is actually very new. As a result, we have no data on what the long-term consequences of CBD use might be. However, CBD (especially within the serving size recommended for over-the-counter products) use is known to have minimal side effects so this could well mean there are no long-term (negative) effects. Unfortunately, this means we also don’t know if there are long term positive effects!

5. From seed to shelf, how long is the creation process of your CBD oils?

Dragonfly has one growing cycle per year. When you combine this with our expert extraction processes and formulation, it takes around 6 months in total to produce one bottle.

6. Is it safe to operate heavy machinery while taking this supplement?

CBD can cause some people to feel sleepy, so if taken alongside soporific supplements/medicines, this effect may be increased. If you do feel affected in this way, you should not operate machinery or drive.

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