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How to to take CBD Blog Thumbnail Woman taking Broad Spectrum CBD sublingually, on a grey background

How To Take CBD

HOW TO TAKE CBD Over the past few years, the CBD narrative has snowballed. From anecdotal accounts to mass media coverage, everybody’s talking about it. But great coverage does not always equate to clear information. Especially when trying to learn how to take CBD. Whether it’s via Facebook, Instagram or email, the questions we receive the […]

CBD Drinks | Dragonfly CBD Cocktails

CBD Drinks | Dragonfly CBD Cocktails Lockdown has made it harder for us all to go out to a bar, pub or restaurant for a drink. So we’ve decided to teach you our-ultra secret homemade CBD Drinks recipes, for any winter evening. Dragonfly Festive CBD Sour Drink: Our festive CBD sour is the perfect festive […]

CBD Extraction | Ethanol, Cold Press or CO2?

CBD Extraction: Ethanol, Cold Press or CO2? Why is extraction important? Like many in the Dragonfly CBD community, we think it’s important that the product you are using is plant-based, not synthetic. The fact that all our extract is derived from organically cultivated Cannabis Sativa L. – grown by our team of specialist farmers – […]

Illustration of History of Cannabis: People harvesting cannabis in America

History of Cannabis | CBD through Time

The History of Cannabis | Cannabis through Time Cannabis is an age-old plant; grown around the world for thousands of years and for a whole host of reasons. Yet in the modern imagination, Cannabis has become synonymous with ‘controlled substance’ and ‘recreational use’. In this week’s post, we’re taking a look at the history of […]

CBD Cooking | Best 5 Ways to Cook with CBD

Cooking CBD | Best 5 WAYS TO COOK WITH CBD How can you cook with CBD? While we usually recommend slipping some Dragonfly CBD under the tongue, cooking with CBD is a fantastic alternative.  Cooking is a great way to lend a dose of relaxation come dinner time, promoting a good night’s sleep in the […]

A variety of CBD tinctures


CBD 101 with the Experts Dr. Andy Yates Prof. Saoirse O’Sullivan A handy guide by our expert advisors As part of our mission to educate you – the DragonflyCBD community – on all things Cannabidiol, we rounded up your questions and put them to our expert scientific advisors, Dr Andy Yates and Prof. Saoirse O’Sullivan. […]