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Anxious about Christmas?

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We know that some people aren’t quite ready to face the office Christmas party season,  the threat of an expanding waistline or general financial stress at this time of year.  In fact,  in a recent Dragonfly CBD poll of over 1000 UK people, we found that almost a quarter (23%) of respondents were already feeling stressed more than 10 times in the last month.  Dollop on more pressure, and it can be an overwhelming time of year for some.

There were many reasons as to why people said they felt anxious but the most common reasons we received were: 40% being concerned about their finances, 34% worried about Covid-19 and 29% stressed out about their weight.

Not surprisingly, the pandemic hasn’t helped our increasing anxiety levels and nearly six in 10 surveyed describe their life as more stressful since the pandemic began.

To help us fight back and take control of those everyday worries, Dragonfly is offering 25% of its entire CBD oil range ahead of this year’s Christmas time.

How can CBD oil support you?

According to our Dragonfly CBD poll, almost-two thirds of people have heard of CBD. And when we asked the 1000 respondents what they thought about it, they replied:

  • 45% believe it can help with anxiety

  • 44% say it can help with stress

  • 35% believe it eases depression

  • 34% think it helps sleep problems

  • 27% that it helps pain.

What scientific proof is there?

GP, Dr Nisa Aslam says:

 “Short- term stress is a good thing – for example urging you to meet a deadline or keep your focus while you drive at night. But chronic stress can be harmful as it boosts blood inflammatory markers and disrupts sleep and crucial relaxation.

Signs that you’re stressed include anxiety, depression, irritability, finding it hard to make decisions, feeling overwhelmed, not sleeping well, racing thoughts, constant worry and loss of sex drive.”

GP, Dr Nisa Aslam goes on to say…“Clinical trials reveal benefits for CBD under conditions of stress. In a trial that tested people with pre-existing anxiety before and after a public speaking test, those who took CBD significantly reduced their anxiety levels and discomfort. In contrast, the placebo group showed higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort.

Pharmacist Sultan Dajani notes: “More evidence of benefit comes from a 2021 analysis of three CBD trials. This found that a single dose of CBD was enough to reduce anxiety in people with social anxiety disorder, whilst daily CBD for four weeks helped to relieve symptoms in teens with diagnosed anxiety.

Why Dragonfly CBD?

Dragonfly’s finest organic CBD oil, nurtured on the Dragonfly Farm and stringently tested for quality, is the key ingredient setting apart the Dragonfly CBD oil range  from many other high street products.  It was voted the best ‘Boots Wellness Product’ by thousands of Boots customers last year.

Which Dragonfly CBD oil is right for me?

Check out our blog on the different CBD oils available and learn more about the differences between Dragonfly CBD’s oral drops and Dragonfly’s Broad Spectrum CBD oil.

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