While we usually recommend slipping some DragonflyCBD under the tongue, cooking with CBD is a fantastic alternative. Not only does Cannabidiol lend a dose of relaxation come dinner time – promoting a good night’s sleep in the process – it also adds a heap of flavour to any savoury dish. Try our top five recipes after a tough day at work, a late night out or hard session in the gym.

For all the suggestions below, just add 4-8 drops per person (making sure not to exceed 200mg in 24 hours). 

1) Salad Dressings

Every good salad dressing needs fat, a kick of acidity and a pinch of salt to get it off the ground. While your average French mix achieves that with olive oil, Dijon and a little wine vinegar, why not enliven yours with some DragonflyCBD?

2) Avocado Toast

Next time you’re mixing paprika, citrus and salt into your avocado, consider topping it off with a couple of drops of CBD oil. The avocado’s naturally occuring fat content helps to maximise absorption, while our carrier oil – organic hemp seed – adds a nutty taste.   

3) The Perfect Pesto

When you’ve got a little more time on your hands at the weekend, homemade CBD pesto is a great way to freshen up Saturday night spaghetti. All you need is a bag of fresh basil, a handful of cashews or pine nuts, garlic, a generous squeeze of lemon and a glug of olive oil. Oh, and don’t forget the CBD. For this simple and nutritious sauce, blitz with a food processor, hand blender or if you’re old school, get at it with a pestle and mortar.

4) Shakes & Smoothies

Replenishing protein shakes and smoothies are an excellent post-workout pick-me-up, packed full of vitamins and minerals. Whether you’re using a powder base or a simple fruit concoction, we recommend adding milk (plant-based or dairy) for a smoother taste and a higher absorption rate. Boost CBD NEEDED

5) Seasonal Soups

When winter hits, there’s nothing more warming than a hot and hearty soup. From ginger and chilli packed noodle soup to a classic leek and potato, try topping yours with a squeeze of CBD.

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